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What’s your favourite career?

142 views. 2020-4-28 09:40

What's your favourite career? Different periods I have different dreams in my life.

When I was at the school time, I admired to be a doctor, like dentists, to be told the dentist can earn a lot of money in the overseas at the time. But unfortunately I was not admitted to a university. If I got chance to realize one of my dreams, career in the sky. I would like to be an air-hostess. A number of factors could account for my choice, First, travelling is my favourite hobby. During almost every holiday, I go out and visit places of interests, if I could be an air-hostess, travelling would become part of my job. Thus I don’t have to pay for it. Beside, the airplane would take me to many different countries, It would be so exciting to meet people from different culture and make friends with them. Last but not least, I feel it is an honour to be an air-hostess, because air-hostess are usually considered image representatives of a nation, I would be proud of myself if my dream could come true one day. But I also knew to be air-hostess, they have to have perfect good looking including height and weight, and vision, and those I was hard to meet the standard.

To be honest I like English when I was young, if my career related with English would be great. To be an accountant is easy to find a job and working in the office is a decent work for a girl. So working in Joint Venture Company to be an accountant for more than thirty years is no regrets at all in my life.

I remembered another dream with my close friend Anita, one day later, we could open a coffee shop or beauty salon together when we were all free, but unlucky She is always far from me, maybe she has forgot what we said and the promise. I am ready and waiting for her in Beijing all the time.

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