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Mother’s Day

410 views. 2020-5-17 14:45

Mother’s Day is the second Sunday of May. I pay no attention on Mother’s day each year even I am a mother, maybe it comes from western country. Normally at the mother will receive Carnation from her friends or family, that’s why the flower of Chinese name is English pronunciation.

On last Saturday my daughter said to me nicely, Hi, mum, Tomorrow is MD, Happy Mother’s Day. I was surprised to hear that and happy to receive her greeting, thanks for her. Due to this was the first time said to me, I was weird that maybe she wanted something from me or let me do something for her. I was kindly asking, how can I help you, madam? In fact, she wanted nothing, just making a joke.

Tomorrow was my daughter in law’s birthday, I would like sent him a birthday cake for the celebration, I made the reservation on line for fruit cake as I know this is his favourite flavour, I have forgotten tomorrow was Mother’s day at all.

At the next morning, the doorbell was ringing; the deliveryman sent me an elegant long box, I thought it was the birthday cake, but why it was the long box for cake? But when I was opened it, it was a brunch of fresh flower, it was not the cake, I called the courier back immediately, it was not my one, I ordered the cake, not the flower, you must be make the mistake I said politely, Are you Miss Xiao and 8912 was the last number of mobile? That’s right, it is yours. I was a little worry where was my cake? How can accept that I go the party without the cake? it must be someone making the joke to me, I have seldom received such beautiful flowers. It was maybe for Tiger from some girls I though; Tiger is funs for any female friends everybody knows.

There was a card on the bottom of the box, Mum I love you. I realized Today was Mother’s Day, it was from my daughter for me, I cannot believe she is so romantic and totally changed her style in front of me. She have been grow up and understanding each other. I called her at once and sharing my happiness.

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