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My view on Games

63 views. 2021-10-9 11:43

I have played one game at cell phone since the beginning of Wechat, which is simpler one, no need to think about too much just kick it as following. We live in the society, in a complex of different relations with people around us. Games are simplified models of the real life in the society.

I still remembered my daughter was addicted to play computer game when she was in school; we looked her up in everywhere including internet bars of street in the midnight. Ma Jiang is also kind of Game, it is very popular in some cities of old people or the families in China, in the holiday, the relatives of the family after the big dinner, they would like playing Ma Jiang together for whole day. As we all know that there are many public reaction clubs is very popularity in South of China.

Playing a card game, four people are in two groups, in which players should try to win high points while defeating others. Young generation likes to play some games which defense each other, I was told that it need cooperation as well as independence of fight a battle, they have to judge who are the friends and who are not.

Now my daughter likes the game which is a virtual city life nowadays, you can plant the tree in your garden, you have to work for your life, like refuel the gasoline for your car, and you might feed a pet with your money as well. It is very interesting like the real life.

General speaking, games teach us strategy and intelligence about life. By playing chess, our brains are trained to think quickly and analyze precisely. Through playing electronic games, it is not good for our eyes, but we learn to react promptly and imagine freely. What’s more, games build up our characters perseverance, carefulness, courage, confident, etc, with which we know how to cope with those difficulties in life.

And finally, no teacher in the world can be compared to games. They are attractive, friendly and patient, Games never scold you even for your most foolish mistakes, and you just need to rearrange your cards or insert another coin “Game over”, just image how you could recover from the same mistake if it happens in your real life? That’s why I love game, Games teach me about life.

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