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eat, walk and run

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Travelling in China, we have limited time to try the best local cuisines and snacks at a low price in each city.


And it would be a bit hard to find such tasty food in other cities, what can we do? There’s one answer: eat, eat and eat.

It’s meaningless to control appetite while visiting China.


Also, I would have difficulty to resist the dishes with the flavour of hometown, my favourite cold meals and snacks.

I might have to wait one more year if don’t have them in Shanghai.


Therefore, In China, I don’t have a choice except eat as much as I can.

After I arrived in Melbourne, the first thing was to get on the scale to weigh how much I have gained.


Was that real? Gained 3.5kg to 4kg, I am almost overweight.


Immediately, I figured out that I need to lose 0.1kg per day. I make it into five stages, and each step will take ten days to lose 1kg.


So far stage 1 has been completed perfectly, I know, it will be getting harder especially the last two stages, but it’s challenging, and there’s lots fun.


Losing weight is similar to learning English; it’s so easy to give up without setting up a goal.

At the moment, I work 10 hours a day including commuting time.


Every day, I feel tired after dinner and cleaning, but I still sit in front of the laptop making notes while reading a book.


That’s for sure I will fall asleep immediately if go to bed straight away. Instead, I set up alarm o'clock at 8:45 pm- time for exercises.


Sometimes I am lazy especially Friday nights, oh, no, I’d better have a relaxing night, but thinking about the weight I’d reach the following morning 60.9 kg, I weighed myself after dinner, it’s 61.4kg.

If I don’t go for gym, I might fail to reach the small goal of next day and will be very discouraged because my plan is destroyed, then I will lose self-confidence.

Just imagine if I reach 57kg or ideal weight 55kg, my body will look much better for taking photos in summer.


Then I change clothes and go to the gym; there are still a few guys doing the workout at 9:00 pm.


I am sweating a lot after 12-minute bicycle riding; again I spend 12 minutes to do an elliptical workout, and one more 12- minute walk and run on a treadmill.

At last, I do 100 cardio exercises on a rowing machine.

I feel so happy after losing 250 calories at night as I will reach a small goal of next day morning.


That’s how it works. I try to make my body look better by raising a standard so that I have to do exercise on a daily basis.

Sometimes on the weekends, I go for a walk and run along Yarra River and Royal Botanic Gardens or Albert Park.

If it is a beautiful sunny day, I will take a train and get off at Brighton station, then go for a walk, jog or run from Brighton beach towards St. Kilda beach.

I also enjoy walking and jogging along Williamstown beach while watching sunset and seabirds flying over the ocean, and then take a train home when it turns dark.

Walking, jogging and running brings me happiness, and everyone can have it for free.


When I jog in the Fern Gully within the Royal Botanic Gardens, I feel like live in the heaven, and that's the best thing I have ever experienced.

Happiness is everywhere if you do what you like.


If someone asks why I move to Melbourne, it is the best city which provides the most places of walking and running while enjoying the beautiful natural view along the seaside, that’s one of the answers.

In Shanghai, I was not a walker or a runner at all.


In Melbourne, I am changing as I have been influenced by locals because it’s a common thing. 

When I open the door in the morning, I often see people running passed through.


If food is a priority travelling in China, then walking and running is a scene in Melbourne.


You don’t understand China without trying difficult cuisines; likewise, if you visit Australia without doing a walk or a run along the seaside, you won’t appreciate how beautiful the country is.

Each city has its amazing part, everyone should discover and enjoy what you have, and you will find real happiness.

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Reply wangjide01 2018-12-4 20:27
You are a real and persevering woman. Eat and then losing weight . Everying is not so difficult for you.
Reply teadrinking 2018-12-4 22:08
You have done well by doing exercises on regular basis. Keeping it, you are always with happiness.

Your lifestyle about the exercises on fitness is almost the version as same as mine.

When I read your words, I feel comfortable and find sunshine from your words.
Reply sweetolive 2018-12-17 19:12
wangjide01: You are a real and persevering woman. Eat and then losing weight . Everying is not so difficult for you.
Haha, Thanks for your compliments, actually, it's easier to write than do it. :D
Reply sweetolive 2018-12-17 19:15
teadrinking: You have done well by doing exercises on regular basis. Keeping it, you are always with happiness.

Your lifestyle about the exercises on fitness is a ...
Hi Teadrinking,

I need to learn from you how to keep doing the gym and writing, you have been here for so long :D

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