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questions and answers

185 views. 2017-5-19 22:01

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my questions and my answers.
1.what are you afraid of ?   the world is developing too fast,i am afraid of loseing myself.
2.why do you come here?  i come here to record something special for my life such as feelings ,emtions, family aren't interested in english,i am sure they can't see my diary,even if they see my diary one day ,but they can't understand it .my secrets just my own secrets never.
3.why ask  questions yourself,then answer them yourself too? firstly,i have to admit these questions are exist whether i ask or not.if someone can live my life ,i needn't answer anything by myself.obviously,no one. you have friends?if you have ,how many? about friendship i know too little.but i have some teachers and classmates,teachers is very importance in my mind.and classmates just someone who have been study with me at the same class.i am not good at make friends with others just because i have no more time and confidence to manage the know,any relationship need to manage between each other. you feel happy? yes,i am a happy man,many happy person around me,they are my family, teachers, bosses,colleagues.i have a simple job,a medicore salary .i have hobbies which i can keep go on ,i have dream which need me make it come ture through my efforts. i told myself there is no reason to be unhappy.
6.three days ago,a miss asked you what the love is ,could you reply she? i replied she a kind of love is a  behavior which make others or youself to study and improve ,another kind of love is a special feeling which produced in their behavior that make each other study and improve between the opposite sex.this's my points.

finally, i remind myself to be a kind person,take any people and any thing that in my life seriously,happy everyday  no matter where i am .

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