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Diary 20190705 Fri

141 views. 2019-7-5 23:22

Now it is a precious transient break in the middle of the two-week long exam week.
I managed to push myself through the passed five days in some way, finishing three subjects and have my mind merged by chaos during the process. 
Nothing goes well, I lost my braces retainer just made last week. Besides the hard time of reviewing and preparation, I also had to finish with my brases and change into a retainer this whole month. I go to dentist once a week at least. That's far away from my dormitory but I need to go. And, I have to go there during the exam week one more time for my careless mistake. Maybe two, and i should pay extra 800 yuan.
Three exams next week is harder and difficult for me to pass. Not to mention I am one of students looking forwards to scholarship. There is a uncentain message says we have to move to another school area next term which the removing should be done before summer holiday. I also attend a project to go to England for medical study and sightseeing start just at the beginning of the holiday. So the uncertained notion really bordered me a lot.  It takes me a lot of efforts to apply for the project and i even haven't get prepared for the 20 days travel in another country____that's the first time I will leave china and spend time in an unknow place alone. There must be plenty of things to do before taking off. But I'm short of time.

If someone ask me "Aren't you looking forward to your travel?", I'll definetely tell him "i know it's just troubling troubles before applying". All college go aboard these age, and i'm propeled by parents. That's the reality, instead of some ambicious dream or just simple couriosity to go out for the young. But I know what i am doing, and it is me who deside what to do and what i want to be.

Nevertheless, I take myself doing well in today's imageology exam, comparing with the time I spent on it. No matter how tired and impatient I am, I should take another three exams, packing and move to another dormitory, and manage to enjoy my 20 days out of country.

It is said pressure push people forward, but I still hate it on earth. I want to have a peaceful and bound job for the whole life in future. Chances are, fredom surround me now for i'm an adult, no teacher limit my studying time. That's a point hard to judge.

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