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What to do with the old?

239 views. 2019-10-2 23:06

I've just come back from my grandparents' home this afternoon, which is in a small but unique town about 2 hours drive. I stayed here with my mom and dad for one night only as usual, as well as a couple of my grandpa's cousin sister which is different. There is three generation of people in all, including 4 old, 2 middle age and 1 young. Yeah, me.

It is always exhausted to take company of my grandparents. On one hand, the huge groove of generation do exist which make it nearly impossible to find a topic satisfy everyone to talk about. This problem are getting more and more worse when I grow bigger, build my own lifestyle and attitudes toward every perspective of living. On the other hand, people's health get worse when time goes by, propeling them to think about death. My granddad was caught by brain stroke and have some problems with his leg, which bring huge changes to his life. He stays inside all day alone, listening to radio, with no friends, no aim, no favourite, but lots of complaints. Grandma is in good health, but she too has no hobby at all. The only thing she care about is looking after grandpa, mainly three meals a day. 

Every time we go there, all of us cannot sleep well because of squeezing in the small sofa and different timetable. As a result, mom got headache, dad got impatient mood, grandparents got tiredness. And I am already filled up with mother's snoring whole night! But they do not allow us to stay in hotel accorading to the old understanding about relatives--------live in hotel means rude and impolite. As the youngest one in this family, the only thing i could do is to follow others arrangement. The same with this time------Another 2 olds must be taken good care of. 

My father is a typical traditional man who wants to take control of me and mom all the time but fail a lot. And he is bad at technique of communication, always make others feel bad by his controler's beviouer, mindless words and costive thinking. Mom has given up arguing with him lone ago, espically confronted with the olds. But I'm still unhappy and tired.

Because of another two people, Grandma let my family sleep in a neibours' room instead, which expend the inconvinence to two family. I had a headache because of mom's snoring and unfamilier hard pillow, but I have to go to the nearby playing park which is said to be beautiful this time as an entertainment of the old in the morning. Then bear the nasty lunch made by grandma using food left last night with the awful sense of disgust led by headache. Then put up with the noisy music and talk all way back to home.

After entering my familiar city, the old couple invited my family to dinner as a gratitude, but they used me as mainly costumer in excuse. All I want was to go home and rest at once! Mom and dad were tired as well, so dad send plenty of  embrassing words throughout the meal. He came home and went to bed at once. But I still have my today's learning schedule remained to be done!

The focus of problem is not age in reality, but the person's attitudes towards life and knowledge! I found in the end.

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