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How to deal with an accident as a spectator?

104 views. 2020-7-2 20:52

There was an accident took place in the middle of the road in my way home from jogging in the near park. Two bicycles struck each other, with a young man to be the responser and a woman as the victim. There was no big problem I thought, though the woman was sitting in a weak posture, crying sadly with her bag scattered on the groud.

So what should people do when they saw an common, small accident like this? What kinds of behaviour is good, what is bad? what is the influence to the participants lead by those choosen?

I was on my bike when I saw the crowed people on the other side of the road. The policeman arrived, doing his work. The young man is collecting things on the ground form the woman's bag. Two bicyles lay on the ground just in the middle of the road. People gathered, stood still in a circle, talked with each other in very low voice, staring at the man's move and the woman's cry, doing nothing including calling the hospital(I know it from there talk). Someone took out phone and recorded the scene when others just stood and watch.

I understand their thought from heart, accroading to the social circumstances. Not everyone has the ability and courage to stand out and help them. Things to do for an ordinary people passed by include dragging the bikes out of the road, call the police and hospital, and confort them with gentle words , none. Of course good people is no easy to be ,and one must carry on the outcome such as being caught as the responser. As a result, one better things to do may be just walk away, leave them alone to solve the problem instead of taking out telephone and shot, then send to the web to hurt those people's heart.

As for me, I'm a medical student. If I were grade one or two, I would do nothing but left and take it for granted as above. The fact is, I'm grade 4 which means I have the basic knowledge to do some first-aid treatment in an car accident or any other health emergency. I wish I did not. A lot of news about doctors blamed by the patients for their kindness were broadcasted in recent years. I heared about them a lot since entered medicial colledge. I do not want to list here.

So I was confused. In my first year of colledge, I once met a faint woman in the swimming pool in which I was also confused. But at that time, little things I can do for lack of knowledge. At my time of wandering, she waked and left. But things are different this time. 

So I paused my bike, crossed the road, joined the spectators group. Just then I found the crying woman is ok( no sign of unconsciousness,no apparent bleeding and fracture.) Then I left in silence for I don't want to trouble myself, whatever, no people will die for my coward and weak as a doctor. I wish the recording phone did not shot my behaviour, or net friends would see a girl(I looked young and small) in sport cloth crossed the road to watch an sad accident.

If someday a badly hurt person lied in the middle of watched people, Will I standout and do what I can to help him? I'm not sure. All I know is, if today i gave some wrong treatment to the woman, no one could blame me for I'm not a really doctor up to now. 

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