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Shares Have a holiday
2021-8-21 09:11
Tomorrow is Sunday. I have four days holidays in a mouth. This is a typical mode of manufacturer. when I am on Monday ,I desire the Sunday come quickly. I am not a man who like to work .
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Shares Porn addiction is a horrible thing for me
2021-8-20 08:35
Oh! Who can help me ? I felt that I had fallen into the trap of porn addiction . I have to watch the porn video every night ,even if I have been married for 8 years. The video is so exciting to my brain. I can not control my behavior . I just want to see more and endless . I pretend ...
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Shares Earning money is very difficult this year
2021-8-19 09:00
Hello,everybody. I am so tired now. I have resigned from two jobs in half of year. I just want to get a job whose salary could afford my normal family live. I previous job was a international trader in a medical equipment company .Their staple products is wheelchair, commode chair, sticker , walki ...
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Shares The spirit addictive drug, whose name is Tik Tok
2021-8-18 14:46
I found there many short video Apps in the mobile phone software market. The Apps download rank list of apps ,those of apps always are in the head of list. This situation indicates a importance culture,which name is "tittytainment"。 3 minutes length video is absolutely suitable ...
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Shares There isn't a luncheon for free at real world
2021-8-17 10:45
This is a well-known saying "There isn't luncheon for free at real world". My parents told this sentence to me many times when I was a child . The first principle is: If you want to get something , you have to pay for something. If there is a something which value ...
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Shares Go Go Go! If you want to be a successful man
2021-8-16 09:49
If you want to become a successful man , you have to do after estimating the risk. Don't any hesitate. We all don't know the result which is good or not in the future. But if you don't do anything, we can absolutely confirm the result will be empty in the future. If we haven't encourage to try ...
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Shares One of the interestering TV drama series
2021-8-14 09:30
I watched a TV series at home yesterday . It name is , which was made by Korean TV station at 2020 year. It mainly described a married life story. The actor was a man who had a good fitness body and handsome face, the perfect appearance. but he didn't have any money income. He was standard classic ...
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Shares The somking addictions arrived!
2021-8-13 10:45
Oh,my only god! Please help me ! I can not endure those side effects of quitting smoking!, My brain told me , dear my body , please gave me some nicotine. I needed this wonderful thing. All of my brain is blank. I can not think anything . Sorry ! I have forgotten all of vocabula ...
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Shares The porn is a durg of modern for tennager and adult
2021-8-12 09:00
I hate myself. When I was 10 years old, my classmate rented a VCD from somewhere and told me. we went to his home to see the VCD after school.The curious has changed my all life from that time. The screens of film shocked my heart. I had never seem that before. I felt that ...
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Shares How to teach my little son!
2021-8-11 08:56
This is a forever question! How to teach our child! I found that I had more and more contradiction with him when his age grow up. He is a 9 years old now. He have many new ideas and pretext to deny his mistake. For example, One day I didn't finish his homework of summer holiday. ...
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