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A busy day

29 views. 2020-11-12 10:34 |Individual Classification:diaries

In the early morning I noticed that my schoolbag has turned dusty. I soaked it in a large basin. Then I was worried that there was no place for plenty of drawing paper. And the kitchen floor was muddy too.

I removed the kitchen rubbish bins under the window. Then I moved the refrigerator. So much dust under the refrigerator! Disgusting! I mopped the floor clean, adding some laundry powder to the mop.

I looked around the room and I thought I shall devise a new plan for the whole room. I rearranged the books on the bookshelf. I took classical novels off the shelf and to a new shelf next to it. Then I found the empty shelves turned dusty too. I wiped each shelf clean.

I moved the books and piled many books on the floor. Then wipe the shelves clean. Then I classified the books and put the books to the new shelf. It took me a whole morning to organize the books on my bookshelf, because I have lots of books.

French books on the upper shelf, classical English novels on a lower shelf. Ancient Chinese books at the bottom. Drawing and painting books on the right, music scores on the long shelf on the left. I took out some books I did not want to read and piled them on the floor. Sell them or give the books to others? I have no idea.

For lunch, I fried cabbages, pork shreds and tomato. I cooked rice. I cooked lunch and ate lunch in a hurry.

In the afternoon, I continued classifying and organizing my books. I had new books and old books.

At around 3pm, I tidied my living room. I designed a corner for drawing and painting. Then I put drawing paper in a cabinet. I picked up paper and threw it to the garbage bin.

On the balcony, there was too much wood. I opened the kitchen cabinets and paved the wood to the cabinet. The wood would protect the surfaces of the cabinets. I threw away some wood. Then with a wood plank, I built a small wooden table in the corner of the kitchen. I took the wooden board I used when cooking dough. I placed the wooden board on the wooden table. Then the kitchen table would be left clean and the space for cooking would be larger.

I swept the floor and did trivial chores. Time passed. It was getting dark. I gulped water melon juice and I was sweating all over. In the mean time, I was growing hungry.

I heated some buns and some meat. I swallowed a cucumber. Then I took a bath. After taking a bath, I felt much better.

At nightfall, I decided to fetch down the curtains and wash them. The curtains have been hung in the living room ever since I arrived at my apartment. Now it was full of dust. I put a chair beside the curtains, then I loaded a smaller chair onto the big chair. I mounted another chair, then I climbed onto the small chair in a slow pace.

I did this slowly, in order not to fall down to the floor. Now I stood high on two chairs. My feet made no movement. I loosened a screw with a screwdriver, then I let the loops of the curtain slide down the curtain rod. The whole process was rather technical, requiring caution and patience.

At last, I let down two dirty curtains and piled them on the floor. I will wash them tomorrow.

But without the curtains, the room would turn very bright the next morning. Would the brightness interrupt my sleep?

When I moved the air conditioner, I found muddy ground again! And on top of the air conditioner, thick dust! I cleaned the floor and the air conditioner.

Some dead roaches in the toilet. I sprinkled pesticides.

A significant day.

If one descides to start living a good life, one start to clean her house first.

How you live in your house determines your luck.

I shall insist on doing cleaning for myself.

Just do some housework each day. One friend said doing cleaning is similar to study, yet slightly different. It is a habit. And if one forms this kind of habit, one would be used to it. It would develop into an ability of existence. It is related with the quality of one's own daily life.

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