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Three of the Girls I Loved

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One of the girls was a nurse. She was a real beauty. As I calculate, before time for me to love her at first sight, there had been loads of cow dung piled at her front. I was then bashful, and always feeling delighted to be at her side. She told me that she once loved a policeman. I in return, but didn't, say to her that I once loved very deeply a girl who looked the same with her. She complained about her life, and criticized my view of life as totally unrealistic. I was not aware for long, but I am now and intend to tell her and thank her. But she told me that she was about to marry. I asked if the man was decided by her family, and I hurriedly said too good.




There was a milk tea shop named Hey Juice down the Renxinhui building. There was before, not now. I went out from my home and could pass it every day. The first day Hey Juice started, I felt like going in and having a curious look, only to have a crush on the girl shopkeeper who was with warm hospitality. I was shocked by her price list—it was sky-high! Only a cup of lemon juice costs nine yuan. But she gave me a set of coupons, saying, "They are yours, and you will have four yuan off." Since then I went to Hey Juice every day, and bought the lemon juice as long as she was there. Once I asked her, "Why do you want to start a milk tea shop?" She answered that it was most of the girls dreamed. I said we had dreams alike. But sadly, Hey Juice finally closed, and the dreams were lost as well.




At the beginning, I didn't know she had a husband, but thought she was a nice girl. She operated a fruit shop in which people helped themselves to buy. I loved her juiced watermelon, which was dear but I managed to pay. It taking a period of time, I left a not-bad impression on her, and to my surprise she gave me the award that she said, "From next time you come, the cup will be large-sized." I was so much encouraged, visiting her everyday, sometimes taking two cups and gulping them down. One evening, I saw a man who picked her up with a motorbike. They looked like the two for each other. I even heard their giggles. Since then I was always caring that I didn't have enough money to buy two cups of watermelon juice every day.

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