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The lessons of great losses in life makes people no longer concerned about small losses.

There seem to be two perils of life. The first is that we have to rebuild our life or career from scratch due to sudden misfortunes. The second is to die in the robust years, leaving unfinished life or career and depart this world with deep regret. 

However, to think about it carefully, who can completely avoid the misfortunes as they vary in degrees? How many people can be said to have died a natural death, as life may be long or short?

Therefore, starting from scratch or ending unfinished is the normal state of life.

Therefore, people should have two aspects of awareness: one is the courage to start from scratch, and the other is the acceptance of the unfinished.

Things in this world end as if they don’t end, and are not necessary to end. This state of mind is totally not the detachment of seeing through this world, but more like a kind of reconciliation and tolerance to face life's joys and sorrows. 

In this world, a person will be inevitably weak if he values affection, and will inevitably have regrets in pursuit of perfection. Maybe we can persist by tolerating this weakness of our own; accept this regret of life, and we can be calm.

All the contradictions in life can not be finally resolved, but are just swept away by the flowing water of time.


Life is a fruitless experiment. Since there is no fruit, it doesn't matter how you try. And for the same reason, no trials are reliable.

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