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When destiny allows you to do far less than various things, it is the most concentrated freedom.


When no interest at hand, the lacking interest of God will occur to me. Indeed, God must be most unbearably lacking interest and begins to create humans. The humans are practical jokes that he plays, thus from the boredom he diverts himself. He lives without an end of his life same as this world, feeling surely bored, and undoubtedly deserving diversion. If the talent of God I have, I might as well create some little life beings for me to play with.


Through the ages, the philosophers’ meditation on sky, the so-called metaphysical concern, deserves the tacit answer only when returning to earth, and in the intimacy that all are united.


Happiness is not superiority to others; happiness is everything as usual.


A human is the only creature who can inquire into the being of himself— the being of greatness but severity as well.


Humans are one kind of practical plants: busy in watering and fertilizing themselves to bear fruits, while too often forgetting to flower.


Heraclitus says, “Nature prefers to hide.” This sentence has at least two implications: for the first one that nature is naughty, and is fond of playing hide and seek with anyone who tries to find him; for the second that he is shy, and dislikes exposure in human’s admiration. Therefore, when having access to the mystery of nature, a good philosopher should be ready with two feelings: he is filled with not only the passion that children have of playing games, but also the holy love admired by lovers.


While you get out of the noisy workplace, to be walking in the street, with the view of clouds in the sky and shadows by the trees, and when you get home, to be sitting with your wife and children for the dinner, at this time you return to be a life.

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