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Shares the source of confidence
2024-6-17 21:50
Today, I am thinking about a question what's the source of confidence? I used to see someone with power in hand or money in pocket as a confident man, because they are the stronger in our society. I always reckon having a strong body, high status, and beauty face,such things will make someone confid ...
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Shares go out the comfort cycle
2024-6-14 23:11
Most of us like stay in a comfort cycle. But if we enjoy in the cycle too long, we will become lazy and small-horizon. It is tough to go out the cycle ,but that's the way toward gold and success. First, we should broaden our minds and break the tradition, even sometimes we should resist the cu ...
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Shares Play is important
2024-6-14 00:02
Today, I saw a video in which is an old man says that he be regret for he focused on his work too much to have not time to enjoy with family and friends. He told " Play is important and joy is important". I agree with him. Paying attention to play is not mean that we just play and do nothing work. I ...
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Shares Just do it
2024-6-11 22:33
Even though a week has gone, it seems that I don't have much progress in English writing. I have recited some sentences but I still do not know how to use them flexibly. But I believe the situation will get better. Everything is developing. The only thing we need to do is to persist in the right way ...
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Shares why we should write more
2024-6-10 22:50
A workspace dominated by time on screens may seem bound to favour newer, faster and more visual ways of transmitting information. But an old form of communication --writing-- is also flourishing. The value of writing is a staple in management thinking. "The discipline of writing something down is th ...
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Shares why you still single
2024-6-8 16:32
When we are old enough to get marry, we are always asked " why you still single?" Actually, keeping single is because the girl I like don't like me. I try but seem to fail although we still are friend now. Even though meeting someone who you are like each other is very lucky, I feel comfortable and ...
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Shares The weekends
2024-6-7 22:11
It’s hard to imagine that I have insisted on writing blogs 4 days just because I believe it will be helpful. Since my chief business is to enable myself to immerse myself in the English learning environment, I cannot help considering whether or not I am forming the powers which will secure this abi ...
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