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what i want to get?

374 views. 2010-4-18 06:37 |

 Recently i was thinking about what i want i want to get.What the real life is all about? YuMinHong said:what the most interesting thing in life is pursuiting what u don't have but u want to own.yeah,life won't become beautiful unless it is imperfect,so what we need to do is that we should do our best to make our life much more beautiful .But what is the beautiful life in my mind? owning a good job ? having a happy family ? or as many people think about:owning a lot of money? i want to ask a question here:what do u think about happiness is ? i think different people will show different answer to it ,some may say happiness is owning a great deal of money,luxurious flats and nice car.some will say he will be happy if spend time on getting on with his love all the way.what is my happiness will be ? only myself know.

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Reply judelini 2010-4-18 10:15
you gave the answers,yes,different people has different idea,i just tell you my thought,nowadays,poor people are trying to getting rich,and rich ones are trying to get more and more money,and love is important to us.but not everyone is spending time on getting on with his love all his life, the pursuit for happiness is a higher level hanker..
Reply parker 2010-4-18 10:20
you are right!
Reply sweet.susan 2010-4-18 16:37
having a happiness family
Reply Mou 2010-4-18 16:46
Having a good job and a happy family, so I can have much spare time to do what I like,  that is OK..
I like travelling and sport, do the things you like, so enjoy your life, the simple happiness is enough.

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