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Huang xiaoming & Zhao wei, Li bingbing & Ren quan, that is just the kind of relationship that I always wanna have, more than friendship, but nothing to do with love!
2014-6-25 09:15 Reply|
It seemed to me, Dio had changed a lot, and I got unfamiliar with it.
2013-4-15 21:51 Reply|
First lottery of 2012, whether I could be lucky to win one? Even 5 yuan would make me happy~ hoping
2012-1-1 21:17 Reply|
Maybe I need write something, haven't update blogs for a week...but what to write? seems like I already forget how to write...
  • Mimosa❤: You can write miniblogs as a start~I love miniblogs (11-12 22:03)
  • sedgehead: See: (11-13 12:01)
2010-11-12 21:48 Reply|
If wanna cry, who to come to?
  • sedgehead: I cry best when I cry to myself. I just let it all out and deal with life that way. (11-3 10:38)
  • fairy0612: Maybe I should try that way.. (11-3 12:06)
  • Mimosa❤: sometimes in the silent midnight i will... (11-10 23:24)
  • fairy0612: Ha, don't you dare to wake others up? (11-11 21:01)
  • Mimosa❤: i wish i can but they sleep as a (11-11 21:18)
  • fairy0612: They may kill you if they see this (11-11 21:37)
  • Mimosa❤: You 're right....(⊙o⊙) they know my English name and they know dio... (11-11 21:42)
2010-11-2 21:57 Reply|
Feel quite warm when coming back because of everything someone had done for me. Thank you,LY.
2010-9-2 19:43 Reply|
Look back, my previous blogs are short and green. Delete some, hoping for future progress.
  • shimizu: ,It is not a good idea to deleta them, ha, they represent the process of your studying English. (6-20 09:56)
  • fairy0612: You are quite right, but I have had so many blogs here, it take room. (6-20 10:18)
  • shimizu: (6-20 10:53)
2010-6-18 17:09 Reply|
Happy birthday, and happy everyday, Cindy, I told myself.O(∩_∩)O~
  • Cherry22: happy birthday,best wishes! (6-12 12:14)
  • fairy0612: Thank you, best wishes to you too (6-12 12:15)
  • Cherry22: o(∩_∩)o...haha (6-12 12:44)
  • Happier: Happy birthday! God bless you! (6-12 21:09)
  • fairy0612: oh, ha ,thank you, God bless you too (6-12 21:28)
2010-6-12 12:06 Reply|
Really, really need to gain my confidence, I can't go on like this!!!
2010-6-9 18:44 Reply|
Recently fall in love with English, especially the way it sounds, it's really beauitful I think.
2010-6-5 14:10 Reply|
I think I was deceived by someone....
  • sedgehead: Weren't we all? As the English saying goes "we are all in the same boat." (5-30 04:05)
  • fairy0612: So did you deceived by someone too? (5-30 09:43)
  • sedgehead: Everyone has been deceived by someone sometime. (5-30 11:01)
  • fairy0612: yeah, it's bad. But anyway, we may forget that as well. (5-30 11:03)
2010-5-27 22:35 Reply|
from now on ,enjoy life!
2010-5-2 22:42 Reply|

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