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How to translate"我再也不相信爱情了"?

Hot 12032 views. 2011-8-19 21:30 |

      It is very popular this days for some guys online to say "我再也不相信爱情了"when they find some  previously well-matched stars got broken up or split( Yaochen and Ling xiaosu, for example ).But how to translate this sentence perfectly ?It is a question.The following are several versions I found online.Dear friends,do you have  one in mind now ?If you'd like,you can  Leave your marvelous translation below.Or Your understanding of LOVE,it's ok.
正常版:I will never ever believe in love。

四六级作文高分版:Never will I believe in love any more. (倒装句!)

托福版:I’d rather die than believe in love。
 (rather do sth. than do sth.:与其……不如…… )

谷歌机翻版:I do not believe love is the。(wordless....)
莎翁版:Oh love, never shall I believe in thee!

Rap版:Yo yo yo check it out~Say love ain’t worth it, don’t cha ever believe it, boy ya tryin’ get it, but I don’t give a damn about it~yo boy~
(give a damn about sth. 在意,重视 )
GRE版:The one thing that I had put my faith in has now been proven not worth it, therefore I declare myself free from this unconvincing affection commonly known as Love。
 As for me,love is like a myth. Sometimes it gives you hope,sometimes it gives you mist.I believe in its beauty,but at the same time, I am aware of its distance-- It is too far away to reach.....



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Reply Allah 2011-8-19 22:05
Never will I believe in my English any more!
Reply JimHuang 2011-8-19 22:45
love is just a tricking lie.
Reply bluephoebe 2011-8-20 09:08
interesting, learned a lot, thanks for sharing.
Reply wolf13 2011-8-20 10:37
JimHuang: love is just a tricking lie.
Sorry for your misadventures.
Reply wolf13 2011-8-20 10:37
bluephoebe: interesting, learned a lot, thanks for sharing.
Thank you~
Reply wolf13 2011-8-20 10:38
Allah: Never will I believe in my English any more!
But good for you caz you still believe in love.
Reply sddzzqq 2011-8-20 13:59
It tells that there is not one thing that is the best. What there is is the better one.
Reply summerhill 2011-8-20 17:04
cool...haha ..Never will I believe in love any more.
Reply love_is_circle 2011-8-26 10:50
Reply shirleyytt2010 2012-4-7 08:32
Wow, so many different edition translation for the same meanging, interesting and learn a lot .
Reply loong 2012-4-27 16:46
Love is liar
Reply Tange 2013-10-5 23:50
i tired to taste the love ...  it hurt us in someway ,
but i still believe every one should love once at least in lifetime

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