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Yesterday I told my mom and other family the good news. Actually, this good news happened to me several days ago. When I knew it, I wasn’t surprised but kind of unbelievable. In order not to make a mistake, I checked it three times in a day. Then the next morning, my husband and I woke up early at about 5 am to check it. Then I believed that’s true. At that time I was kind of peaceful but he was very excited. Then he would like to tell the good news but I let him to put off doing it, because thought it was better to see a doctor.


I got the news from the doctor and told my family and friends. They were all happy and excited. So they began to send red paper to celebrate it in the Wechet chatting room.


For me, the most important thing is that I have to take care of myself in many ways. For example, I need to pay more attention to my diet. It’s necessary to eat many kinds of food every day. What’s more, I can’t go out by bike to have fun. Sometimes, they told me something about what to do and what not to do. Those are very specific. It seems that I have no freedom and must be careful.


Another is that I feel kind of confused and have no idea how to create a new environment for it. So I can’t figure out the first step and the next. In my mind, I’m afraid that I can’t do it well. In addition, I find I have so many shortcomings and how can I set a good example to it? As we know, action speaks louder than words. Sometimes, I am not sure if I can look after it when it comes to the world. Oh, there are so many thoughts in my mind. But I know learning is the key point now. I have many friends that are very good at it. Communicating with them is of great benefit to me.






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