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a gallery of harray

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English learning, without doubt, here everyone with more than 10 years period in which should supposed to be an expert. But the reality is we are just the startup,no matter how hard and how stumbling blocks you get through.

The vacaboloary you remember morning that faints in the evening and vague more not sure the right spelling the next morning while confused digging down in your mind. It would be conducive repeating the fruition day after day but how feeble or devastated you know holding a host of masses which overloaded almost collapses your hands. That is why we alway just keep updated of some part and forget the large section as a result in the relief that we keep moving. You may justify the surroudings are not favourable for your position, yes, that is true. The foreign around you please believe are not native tongue, most are Europen so it makes to reason you two both more or less the same level of english speaking. Maybe in first place you think they are good, but with the time and conversant of the situation, it is easy to conjecture up what they are muttering and god blessed you nothing less than that they are intellectual enough to make their oral very sophisticated in which insinuates or incites your door suddenly opening up in some way. Another mountain you have to climb up is the grammar, never look down on it, it contains a lot in which are adequate to refresh your way of thinking, so another puzzle in existence in which showing the pitfall or loophold we expose ourself very clearly and barely.

All mentioned above may shake your confidence, determination and emerge the question why we should on the move. For me, instead of answering the query, i perfer to find the formula, in the making and finishing up. We are supposed to be with inernia, tardiness, foible in common, it does not matter. Keep moving is one thing, aware of tortuous path, thoroughfare in some degrees frustrates you, it is ok. Make it be your lifestyle.

What i have to cheer myself up is currently bearing more than this problem, one problem you may ornate saying killing yourself, with many i have say full of schedule equates full of life.

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