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Am I too old? The music I listen seems not favored by friends. Because of this, I feel lonely. Fine, no way out.
2011-4-21 06:56 Reply|
To change mindset is very difficult. Sometimes my mind is so uncomfortable to accept a fact. For instance, I'm still unwilling to believe I might be able to do the things I succeeded in years ago.
2011-4-20 11:25 Reply|
I need to be constantly reminded by myself, if I don't fight for today, if I keep livin like a loser, I'll be looked down upon, far away by school time acquantances.
2011-4-20 11:20 Reply|
Bye the sorrow of failure with a shout of "Fuck!"
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2010-8-24 16:03 Reply|
Everything I do, I do it good.
2010-8-24 09:18 Reply|
music is my best friend. It gives me strength, comfort, light, and love. It witnesses my past and present, be with me, silent, but knows me more than anyone else.
2010-8-23 18:12 Reply|
F-U~C*K you Apple, who do you think you are. Very unfriendly interface!
2010-8-17 10:24 Reply|
what a happy day! sunny, fresh and cool air, and above all, light traffic and green lights all the way to work. A lovely Beijing is easy but it has taken so long to be true.
2010-8-6 10:24 Reply|
it is said the real love wouldn't turn into hatred
2010-8-6 09:59 Reply|
watch thoughts and emotions from aside, no analysis, no interference. Expect insight
2010-8-5 10:26 Reply|
Through office window, I still see Bawang shampoo ad, starred by Jacky Chen, broadcast in downtown Xidan street.
2010-8-4 17:19 Reply|
Enlightment is: No Suffering
2010-8-4 14:05 Reply|

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