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Hot 51375 views. 2014-7-7 11:36

     first of all,thanking you for every one who care about me.I graduated from university then participated in the work last year, during the whole year  i worked on education, sales business. some time ago i even read books at home and even ready to work on the software testing, but encountered many obstacles in the CV.Recently, my love life also is not very smooth. In fact I am very confused,even forgetting my professional at the recent. Three days ago i had been learning the interview, the boss of an enterprise talked with me,  after reading my resume, he told me that he actually didn't wanted me to become their company's staff, he suggested that I continued to go back to my own industry, or my certificate of psychological consultant and cet6 certificate is wasted.If I want to change is bound to waste a lot of my own resources, and the back of the challenge will be bigger.Do you know that someone is willing to come out at this time for your advice is very important.A few wise words from the gaffer at half-time.I'm very grateful for the boss.This morning i just finished a psychological consulting interview which lasted for an hour, if all goes well, should be received a second interview notice on Wednesday.I hope I can pass!I think tomorrow will be better ~ in addition to this, If I succeed to go back to my own bank, I hope my future  will be more splendid.  and i wish all my friends have a wonderful day~

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Reply ocean0721 2014-7-7 13:15
Good luck to you!
Reply penfield 2014-7-7 15:39
Life is like a tree, you had better not move too many times.
Reply yaping 2014-7-7 19:01
penfield: Life is like a tree, you had better not move too many times.
   thank u~
Reply sunnyv 2014-7-7 19:12
Don't be afraid to be rejected.
Be afraid to be accepted for the wrong reasons.
Reply kyle2012 2014-8-14 17:58
After reading what your written,i have to confess i have benn through the similar situation,during i was seeking for my first job.As for me, dont give up your major easily that you spent almost four year in it.beacuse you dont have any completitive edge,comparing with the professional jok hunter. at last,good luck ~
Reply possible 2014-10-26 20:19
i like the field of psychological consultant so much.
Reply possible 2014-10-26 20:57
and i know some consultant earn much can too

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