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Shares Satisfied
2012-5-10 20:30
Today i forced me to write something,and imade it. moli told me if i do not have something to write ,i can translate some good articles that i read, It's really a shameful for me that i haven't read something for a long time except  ...
348 views|10 replies
Shares My Dream Life
2012-5-10 20:01
Are you satisfied with your life? why are you not satisfied with your life?what can you do to improve your life?what life do you really want?How do you do tofullfillyour dreams? Are they reality or just a thought.what is your value in the society?wh ...
515 views|8 replies
Shares Eat Your Apples
2012-5-9 21:36
I am so lazy that ihaven't writen anything for a long time. All the so-called busyness is an excuse, isn't it?Though i had time to write something ,i still didn't write a single word. I found it also difficult for me to write down what'son my mind. I remember a friend had ever ...
465 views|16 replies
Shares TO Myself
2012-4-16 12:22
Dear diary, Why are you in low spirit? What's wrong with you ? Are you infulenced by the weather or anything else ?Why do you have no mood to do anything? Why do you have no interests to do what you like? Are you tired?Are you ill?Can you tell mewhy you still ...
508 views|11 replies
Shares losing face, saving face and giving face
2012-4-5 22:43
One day, a work fellow asked me whether I could exchange the day on duty with him because he had to something important to do on that day. I answered him of course I could immediately. But to my surprised, then he asked me why i didn’t say i could help do his job instead. I was speechless. S ...
740 views|5 replies
Shares Praise loudly
2012-4-5 21:38
I went to our office this morning as usual Some of my colleagues were eating their breakfast, some are talking about their vacation. After finishing my breakfast, I began to prepare what I had to do first today. I was writing something when one of my colleagues came to me. &nb ...
499 views|6 replies
Shares Fly kites
2012-4-5 20:24
It’s a beautiful sunny day. There are lots of people playing in the park. Some are flying kites, some are skating, some are dancing, some are sitting quietly on the bench enjoying the warm sunshine, some are walking freely, some are talking happily. How happy they are! There is no r ...
872 views|7 replies
Shares legend & Fairy Tale
2012-3-28 21:47
Life is really colorful when you know what to do and how to do it. one of my teachers told us 'There are two most happy things in life.One is tofind the thing that you like ,the other is to find theperson that you love.You willget more happinesswhen you p ...
437 views|2 replies
Shares Feeling of Fishing
2012-3-26 15:35
Do you think fishing is for boys not for girls? Absolutely not right? I am keen on fishing. I remember a story about fishing. There was a man who liked going fishing very much. Every weekend, he went fishing alone happily and went home with empted-handed.All the people a ...
388 views|9 replies
Shares Beyond My Imagination
2012-3-19 20:13
One morning, while i was making a cup of tea, my cell phone rang. 'Hello!" i answered happily. 'What are you doing?asked the headmaster. 'Nothing.' i said in surprise. ' Come to my office right now.'he said seriously. 'What i did something wrong,why you said the words as turn them in ...
868 views|12 replies

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