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my little tail likes  turning around,
2017-9-10 17:02 Reply|
It is so hot these days.
2017-7-22 14:31 Reply|
I have not use it for a long time. My memory is not as good as before. people say you will be a fool for three years after giving a birth to a child , that is true.
  • sddzzqq: So do I. I have two babys now and I have been a fool for 3 years and there are 2 years left. (6-29 10:23)
  • Soar: we are in the same boat. you know one day we will not as fool as before. time tells (7-12 15:55)
2017-6-26 23:44 Reply|
I have to say time flies in a twinkle. My English is a little rusty.
  • wangjide01: I can't talk in english fruquently after 20 years study.  Why (7-11 23:38)
  • Soar: because you do not need to talk in english. (7-12 15:57)
2017-6-26 23:36 Reply|
why? It rains a lot these days.
2017-6-15 21:43 Reply|
2017-6-15 21:42 Reply|
why i can't update?
2017-6-15 21:40 Reply|
these days are really nice. I can fell  the cool autumn and say goodbye to the hot summer.
2016-10-19 14:46 Reply|
May all goes well in the brand new year 2016.
2016-1-3 09:21 Reply|
It's too cold to do anything.
  • sunnyv: Thunderstorms are as much our friends as the sunshine if we understand it's benefits. (12-19 15:14)
2015-12-18 09:44 Reply|
Now i feel waiting is painful though l know when it ends.
  • sunnyv: Everything has to come to an end someday. (11-11 19:45)
2015-11-11 16:24 Reply|
The most boring thing is staying in hospital doing nothing.
  • sunnyv: Standing by is duty. (11-11 19:47)
2015-11-11 16:20 Reply|
Waiting for you.
  • sunnyv: Wait is painful when you don't know when the waiting ends. Hope your waiting is fruitful. Take care. (11-6 00:17)
  • Soar: Thank you. Wait is hope. I know the day will come soon. (11-8 12:59)
2015-11-4 10:25 Reply|
Typhoon is coming.but it's sunny and windy here.
2015-7-11 08:16 Reply|
Three months. Sunny days!
2015-5-18 09:30 Reply|
What's your next dream?
2015-4-16 19:59 Reply|
The best moment is your dreams come true.
2015-4-16 19:56 Reply|
Long way to go, be patient .
2015-1-21 20:51 Reply|
Merry Christmas and happy new year !!
  • sddzzqq: Yes, new year is coming (12-28 11:55)
2014-12-25 13:02 Reply|
You have to be subject to a variety of pressures before you get your goals
2014-11-11 09:58 Reply|

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