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I asked for the annual leave last Friday. Now I am home choosing to go nowhere else. I extremely love this peace. Sharing and talking with parents, doing my read, having a casual walk, sensing the tranquility of village.

I do not cook well, but offer the assistance to arrange ingredients, greens,etc., and meanwhile cut them and stir and fix them before mom cook. This moment belongs to the festival. Year after year, again and again, we have great sense of tradition.

Having been busy for the whole year, now almost everyone is either already home or on the way home. Home is the collection of warmth, relation, memory and bond. That is why every year at this time, people are going back. Spring festival demonstrates the migration of millions of guys who move from their working cities to hometown. Once rooted in the birthplace, we always recall the time of being home. 

It is getting warmer. After all, winter is receding and compromised to let spring step out. Sooner or later, a wonderful scenery plays to us that spring comes. Tourists now will go to spots to have themselves relaxed. 

We all wanna have a nice time and later it begins with a good new year. Thanks to the present moment, we live well, at least we are alive to overlook the marvelous world in its colorfulness. 

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Reply sweetolive 2018-2-12 16:35
enjoy holiday, have a nice one:D
Reply teadrinking 2018-2-13 21:47
sweetolive: enjoy holiday, have a nice one:D
Thank you. May you are going well in everything.

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