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Do the native way

178 views. 2019-5-13 21:38

It is not hard for us to say and write something simple. It means the possibility of mistake-making is not easy to occur in a brief talk and a short message. We more or less pay attention on pronunciation, spelling and grammar. Focus can be controllable.

Problem appears as we use it in a long conversation or an article. Since we unconsciously tend to do it follow the way in mother-language and just input words one by one with little consideration of tense. Then it is obvious to see errors from words, sentences. We never know that till we seriously reread what we said and wrote. "God,I did not notice that," we may be surprised by that a lot.

Is there a way to improve it? The effective method is to think everything in the English way. To build a brand new model of thinking, we have to be involved in the custom of English, fullly soaking the western culture and history. To read more and  practice more, it does favour us greatly.

Do not give up halfway. Actually, learning a foreign language is interesting. We do not need to be feeling awful when it comes to the practical use. Based on years of learning, we do have accumulated certain knowledge of English. With appropriate introduction, the mastery of this language is not a hard job.

Imitatation of dialogues from novels, transcription of good words from great books and recitation of poems, by means of that, you definitely improve it quickly. The use of a language should be in line with life. Therefore, the local news is recommended to read.

The more you get close to local culture, the better you understand the use of its language. Since the communication becomes wide and convenient, with internet, we browse sites and obtain information. By the way, we know it better, including its slangs.

Do not be a theorist who talks the talk. I'd like being a person who acts it right now.

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