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Nowhere of Everywhere

395 views. 2023-9-26 22:39 | livelihood, nowhere, everywhere

In the heart of the bustling city, there resided a character who had earned himself the moniker "Mr. Nobody." His life was a carnival of contradictions and quirks, a spectacle that would leave even the most astute observer befuddled.

It all began after his dramatic exit from a small, destitute company. Mr. Nobody made an audacious decision to make his home, well, his home. His outdoor adventures dwindled to near non-existence, as he took refuge in the comforting glow of his laptop. The screen beckoned him with promises of knowledge and opportunity.

Mr. Nobody's degrees, the unassuming wallflowers of his academic journey, whispered tales of untapped potential. So, he intended and started a quest for higher degrees, hoping to unearth the treasure map to a "good job." And thus, the transformation began.

He transformed into a creature of the night, where day was night, and night was day. Each evening, like clockwork, he delved into the digital abyss, embracing his nocturnal persona. The laptop was his sidekick, and the night was his canvas.

With the stars as his companions and the keyboard as his brush, he painted a digital masterpiece night after night. As the sun peeked over the horizon, he'd sign off with a cheeky, "What a day!" It was his signature exclamation before retiring with the company of dawn, as if he and the sun played an eternal game of tag.

His slumber stretched into the late afternoon, a ritual where supper transformed into a breakfast of champions. The world's sense of time was merely a suggestion he chose to ignore. He was a renegade in the realm of meal schedules.

Once nourished, he'd embark on a mission to explore the world beyond his digital cocoon. The city streets became his private labyrinth, where he'd return home with bags of snacks that would sustain him through the night's intellectual escapades.

Amidst the crisps and the glow of his laptop, a smelly reminder of his secret vice wafted through the room. Mr. Nobody was an occasional smoker, indulging in nicotine dreams as the rest of the world slumbered.

Job applications, once a beacon of hope, had lost their luster. He'd thrown a few digital fishing lines into the job market, but the catch never quite satisfied his appetite for independence. His laptop offered more adventure than any cubicle ever could.

His parents, the eternally patient souls, watched with a mix of bemusement and concern. Had he achieved the elusive higher degrees he so fervently pursued? Or had he simply unplugged from society's matrix, embracing his own version of reality? Did he ever long to join the ranks of the nine-to-fivers, or had he found solace in his jobless reverie?

Locked in his room, he was an enigma, an unsolvable puzzle with a penchant for the nocturnal. Even his parents, who had never uttered a harsh word, contemplated conducting an exhaustive search for their elusive offspring.

As for the neighborhood, it was a teeming hive of activity, where everyone was consumed by their own dramas, their own routines, and their own little worlds. They had little interest in the peculiar existence of Mr. Nobody, for they too were prisoners of their own concrete fortresses.

In a city where neighbors rarely met, even if they lived opposite each other, Mr. Nobody was just another character in the urban circus. And so, his tale continued to unravel, chapter after chapter, repeatedly woven with threads of absurdity, irony and indifference, in a world where everyone was a stranger in their own society.

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