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Baptism in Melancholy

69 views. 2023-11-12 09:50 | rain

In the early hours, the fine drizzle persisted, showing no signs of abating. It continued unabated, as carefree as a child playing in the fields, seemingly without a care in the world. This genuine and innocent natural scene resembled moments from childhood, playing with friends, and suddenly, the rain became even more endearing. I cared little about when the rain would cease, engrossed in admiring the silent and melancholic beauty from my window.

The rain-laden morning seemed like a narrative, a release of trivialities and the nuisances of yesteryears. As I poured out the grievances within, akin to shedding the burdens of the soul, I felt an instant refreshment. Even in the face of prolonged rain, it seemed inconsequential. Let it fall, and everything that follows will be illuminated. Rainy days appeared to shatter the dull constraints, joyously dancing, carrying boundless happiness.

In the tranquil ambiance, the intricate droplets form a curtain of nostalgia, reminiscent of carefree days. The pitter-patter on the window pane served as a soothing melody, drowning out the cacophony of daily worries. As I reveled in the beauty of the rain, I couldn't help but marvel at its capacity to cleanse not only the earth but also the recesses of the mind.

The downpour, akin to a storyteller, washed away the troubles and complexities of bygone days. Once the cathartic release of emotions concluded, a sudden clarity enveloped me. The rain, regardless of its duration, seemed insignificant, as if granting a newfound perspective. Let it pour, and the ensuing clarity will be radiant. Rainy days, as if breaking through somber constraints, danced exuberantly, carrying the weight of boundless joy.

Allow the rain to fall freely, a jubilant dance with nature, infusing vitality into the earth. Rainy days aren't melancholic but rather liberating, a delightful dance with nature. Amidst the rain, we not only witness the beauty of nature but also experience the refreshing tranquility of the soul. Let the rain cleanse the dust of the mind, leaving the mood as clear and bright as the sky after a downpour.

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