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Shares Simplicity the most efficient way to win
2019-5-20 23:49
At one time, I did not love running. I could hardly breathe in a 1000-meter-test. My lungs were almost to explod and I painfully prayed it would end as soon as possible. Last weekend, after covering a 16km-distance jog, I was excited and did not sense tiredness. The potential of human beings is ma ...
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Shares Bring a cloth bag
2019-5-14 22:03
It takes hundreds of years to degrade plastic molecues since this high-molecue compound is steady because of its chemical bond. Products of plastics are found everywhere and in many fields. They are used as shopping bags, packing materials. Besides, it used as parts and material from appliances an ...
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Shares Do the native way
2019-5-13 21:38
It is not hard for us to say and write something simple. It means the possibility of mistake-making is not easy to occur in a brief talk and a short message. We more or less pay attention on pronunciation, spelling and grammar. Focus can be controllable. Problem appears as we use it in a long c ...
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Shares What if we got no phones
2019-5-9 22:34
"Please be careful, no leaning and do not look at the phone." The speaker nearby an escalator in the subway station is playing loudly. Many still stare at their phones and do not give much attention on the news from the broadcast. Everything seems to be normal and nature. This scene could be found ...
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Shares The cost of life
2019-5-8 22:54
We have to sacrifice something for the purpose of getting something better. We learn from both aging and experiencing. It if fair we are granted 24 hours everyday, while we perform differently from each other. It lies in the efficiency and perseverance. Besides we have to be sure what kind of a li ...
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Shares May Day
2019-5-4 22:33
Today is the 100th anniverary of May Fourth Movement. A century ago, that movement started a new chapter of Chinese history. Because of the special day, this May Day has a four-day leave that I could have fun. It has no rain. The sunny day really has brought its peace that I just do nothing but enj ...
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Shares Please have it quietly
2019-4-20 23:33
It gets warmer and even to be hot like summer. The changeable weather makes no possibility of experiencing a smooth spring. You have little chance to decide what kind of smart clothes you are to wear. Because it always ends up quickly and then comes the summer. The moist of ai ...
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Shares Rest in mind
2019-3-31 21:38
Rest in mind
A fourth of the year 2019 is to end. The spring has made everthing vibrant. A brilliant season I can have therefore I asked for a three-day leave. From Friday to today, I have done almost nothing. I have myself been isolated from the noisy world. I am home. For a long time, I can not focus too mu ...
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Shares Wait but do something
2019-3-29 23:41
Of those things which have made you crazy, there are do be some can be a lesson for you. I always think of what is the main reason that how come the difference occurs between people. Some spend much time on contemplation about if there is a panacea to solve problems, others do li ...
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Shares Live well everyday
2019-3-27 22:15
Live well everyday
You can experience four seasons in a week, you can even have it in a day right here. The sudden and unpredictable change of weather really makes you no choice of the what the next step you could move. While in another way, it is the beauty of life to have this chance to view the picture ...
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