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Shares 2021 keep moving
2021-1-26 00:32
The year 2021 has already come, something is gone, something is about to happen, something I have to undertake. Time teaches me to be grateful. As a coin has its two sides, happiness is the goal everyone wants to pursue, bitterness is the opposite no one is willing to envisage, while sometimes some ...
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Shares Everything remains to be done
2021-1-2 12:50
Everything remains to be done
In the new year we maymake resolutions, we may wish a great tomorrow, and we may look forward to owning a nice life, yet all of wonderful plans are there waiting for us to carry out and finally have them done. Usually we have no choice going back in the adulthood world, everyone has to work ...
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Shares New year 2021
2021-1-1 12:17
New year 2021
It isa little warmer than it was yesterday. Though life still has to go on, new year full of expectations means a new start. Happy newyear.
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Shares Sail for 2021
2020-12-31 13:15
Sail for 2021
The last day of 2020 is reported to be the coldest day this year. It is the year like no other, the pandemic broke out early this year has an impact on everybody's life. And infected cases are still increasing. Vaccines from drug companies bring hope to curb this trend. But it still has a long way ...
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Shares New subway line
2020-12-30 19:53
The new subway line was put into operation this morning, with longer mileage of its subway system,is more convenientfor people to work and go around. It is at 22 degrees Celsius in compartment, while the outdoor temperature is below zero. Many citizens went to stations for the&nbs ...
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Shares Cold after snow
2020-12-30 10:25
A little white outside, as the rise of the sun, it is getting bright since the reflectionof sunlight, and the sky is tremendously blue. Snow will soon melt away but the cold remains.
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Shares Arrival of cold wave
2020-12-29 21:04
As expected, it turned to be dark this afternoon, getting colder.On the balcony, the freezing gale blows against me severely.Just now it had some snow. According to the forecast, it is down to be at minus 5 degrees celsius in the midnight, colder in some remote aeras. At the closure of ...
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Shares Pull-up
2020-12-28 15:43
I could not finish a single pull-up in high school till the PE teacher ordered us to do exercises for the physical test. From then on, I did some exercises in the domitory after class every night. In the first few days, I tried all my strength and could hardly hold on too long by finishing up only ...
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Shares Be what I want to be
2020-12-27 23:00
Be what I want to be
Out of nowhere, I found this website as I mentioned before. Its design of simplicity was enough for my satisfaction. In life we are easy to be into anxieties. That is because of the fierce social competition which usually makes us unpleasant. Once we are overwhelmed and are seeking no ways to pour ...
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Shares A better day
2020-12-27 14:56
A better day
The pipe laying of tap water and gas is almost done and the rebuilding of road surface is ongoing. A new subway line is to open up in few days. It benefits people of their commuting, particularly in the cold days. Lifestyle changes over time while the unchangeable thing is the pursuit of a better l ...
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