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Shares Correlation
2021-10-16 15:57
The price of pork is comparably cheap which was as expensive as beef two years ago. That price accounts for a large portion in the weight of CPI. Currently, for ordinary people it is affordable. As we alwasys say nowadays it is hard to earn money but easy to spend. A mid-age man is usu ...
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Shares Getting cold
2021-10-15 20:27
The reduction of temperatures marks a real autumn. Few days later fallen leveas will be everywhere. It was still hot few days before so that there was no chance for the blooming of osmanthus flowers. What an abnormality of weather it is. Even in Shanxi province suffered floods. Anyway it is time to ...
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Shares Self thinking
2021-10-13 16:52
Even no one else is around you, do not be sad, as the sun, it still shines though it finds to be alone. Nothing in the world can be meaningless so long as we want to get to understand it. Solitude is just that normalcy. So then it gives time to let us think and feel everything around us in a state ...
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Shares Rainfall
2021-10-11 20:38
Temperatures keep going down since the rain started yesterday morning and this autumn comes to be authentic. As a sign of the end of summer which has spanned for almost five mouths, it now gets to be cool. This season can not be lasting for a long time then winter comes. When it is sunny it could b ...
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Shares One step at a time
2021-10-9 13:13
The Nobel Prize is not only a prize but also a honor to award scientists for their great achievements for human beings. Another thing we can learn from this prize is we have to be intent on things we are doing. Those Prize Winner never think of their awards but still contritube to their studies. ...
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Shares Back to work
2021-10-8 09:25
The worst thing is for most ones today is working day again after the long holiday. When you are not willing to do so, please have a check at the balance of bank accounts. If you are rich you can surely do nothing but go around to enjoy life. But it has no alternative options for ordinary people, f ...
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Shares Sherlock Holmes
2021-10-7 22:28
Rereading of Sherlock Holmes is an enjoyable experience. Almost ten years ago, I read the Chinese version, and now again in English version I start over it. Quite fantastic to read it, before going to bed, I turn to the audio version. That British accent without doubt adds the glamour to the contex ...
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Shares Nest
2021-10-6 08:47
The nest built up by swallows has a new host. Since no intention of disturbance, I has no chance to observe what kind of the birds really are. One thing is for sure, the birds are busy feeding their kids by foraging flying in and out repeatedly. Anyway they live in calm and peace. Maybe next year t ...
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Shares Holiday as usual
2021-10-4 08:40
A little bit hot in the day but cool in night, this national holiday is calm to come through. That blue sky illuminates the heart as if it was a mirror to look into your mind.Fewer messges from friends, I do not need to check the phone so often. I'd like this peaceful moment which belon ...
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Shares Study for the self but not secularity
2021-10-2 08:27
No shortage of magic strories happen everyday. Sometimes we do not believe those things because we just do not meet them. The world is not limited to be few squares, it is more fantastic than we could ever imagine. Once we step out and find something interesting then we realize how wonderful it is ...
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