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Shares Typhoon
2019-8-10 22:17
Under the influence of typhoon, from yesterday evening, it started to rain. Now it just passes by and the rain is letting up. Coming with the rain, the gale is another reason that people choose to stay indoors. Currently, according to the report, more than 4 million people are suffered from this d ...
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Shares Qixi
2019-8-7 22:32
Today is Qixi, the Chinese Valentine's Day. Some girls and ladies received flowers, something like the Western way. Some of them went out for a dinner or a movie with their boys. The romance is built on the mutual understanding and a little surprise brings happiness. It is still hot and tomorrow ...
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Shares Hold on and we can do better
2019-8-5 23:14
The reason of hanging in there is we still hold the brief and expect to earn the life we want. Though the path approaches to the goal is not that smooth, everything for that is deserved. In the process of being good is full of difficulties which are the obstacles always prevent us from moving furth ...
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Shares Night jog
2019-8-4 10:12
Last midnight, I met a sudden heavy rainfall as I almost finished the jogging. I just ran in the rain slowly for the last twenty minutes. I was wet by the sweat and then again by the rain. It is hardly to tell which is which, because the smell of both sweat and rain made it impossible to distinguis ...
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Shares Rubbish sorting
2019-7-2 21:38
To sort rubbish into different bins is such a headline. Not only in cities in Beijing and Shanghai, but also in more cities will carry out regulations according to which people are asked to deal rubbish correctly with right bins, or they are likely to be fined. This on some level does help us to cu ...
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Shares Half year
2019-6-30 11:51
Half year
Section one: Pouring down, it is cool. Yesterday, it was too damp to breathe. Now it comes to be comfortable to feel free breath. The big rain, particularly in summer, is a nice way of test on the drainage system. Every city more or less has to confront this problem. The civilizatio ...
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Shares Meiyu
2019-6-25 23:49
Meiyu as the transliteration of a typical Chinese rainy season has already lasted for one week. Even now, I can hear the sound of rain. This time with high humidity and stuffiness, precautions of mildewing preventing is a must. It is also the time for the harvest of wax berry. I had some shared fro ...
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Shares Rice dumpling
2019-6-4 22:44
The Dragon Boat Festival is around the corner. Just half month ago, I received a big box of rice dumplings from my friend. Thanks to her hospitality so I could enjoy that yummy food in advance. Every year at this time as long as I go home, I have a great time of rice dumplings. The rice dumplings m ...
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Shares Do not underestimate your ability
2019-5-26 17:08
This weekend is in the hot, moist and damp status. As a result it turns out to rain which is to cool off for a while soon. According to the workout, I have run over 60km this month. As long as I am available, I go for that after work in every two or three days. On weekends, I double its distance t ...
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Shares Simplicity the most efficient way to win
2019-5-20 23:49
At one time, I did not love running. I could hardly breathe in a 1000-meter-test. My lungs were almost to explod and I painfully prayed it would end as soon as possible. Last weekend, after covering a 16km-distance jog, I was excited and did not sense tiredness. The potential of human beings is ma ...
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