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Shares August
2020-8-7 06:12
Autumn Begins. How fast it is. Now it still has no signs to see the end of pandemic. Just few days ago the rain ended and now it is sunny, more like the summer. Everyday it happens many things. To live well is not an easy thing. Anyway it goes on if you are with it or not.
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Shares Kick off the second half
2020-7-4 22:32
It has no sign when the rain is going to end. I have to be home by going nowhere else. It is really hard to decide if it is a must to bring an umbrella. Even you bring an umbrella, it does not guarantee you are not to be wet in the rain. It can rain all of a sudden, and in minutes it can be p ...
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Shares Five
2020-6-30 22:29
Just now, if I was lucky enough, I could have killed more than five cockroaches. But it was still okay that I got five ones. This species is hard to eliminate. Usually they like to go out to search for food and water in the evenings. And I was just right in the kitchen waiting for them. Though it ...
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Shares The way you wan to go
2020-6-29 22:55
This year is sort of particular. Though it is already summer, yet it does not show its heatwave. Since it is still rainy as of the beginning of this month, it seems that is no sign to terminate the hot damp rainy weather for the time being. There is no idea when it is going to end the experie ...
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Shares To be what you want
2020-6-27 22:28
We never know what will happen in the next move. We have to be fully prepared to face the following challenges. Usually we are to be trapped in the worldly circumstances, finding no way to escape from. To be honest, we are easy to be sunk into the mess that we have assumed seriously awful. As a mat ...
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Shares Dragon boat festival
2020-6-24 09:11
Tomorrow is dragon boat festival. Mom has made some rice dumplings. They are so tasty that I can not help having some. Recently it rains a lot. The high humidity and changeable weather really make people uneasy. Every year at this time we have to stand for it. Compared to this awful weather, we nee ...
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Shares Peace comes after the storm
2020-4-12 14:52
A day of rainfall cools off again, if there is no coat, it feels cold in face of the gale. The temperature goes down and up, up and down. Such a change really recalls us to remain healthy, particularly, in this special moment. Few days ago, I went to for haircut. I am a regular customer of t ...
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Shares The day as usual
2020-4-6 14:57
The day as usual
Every year this time, the green tea is on the market. I still have stocked up some tea in the fridge. This afternoon, I make some of it. Having a wonderful time in the sunshine. The Qingquan (a kind of dumpling made from glutinous rice with the ingredient of wormwood leaves juice) is ...
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Shares Never forget
2020-4-4 19:23
Never forget
Qingming is usually with drizzle. It is the time for people going around enjoying lively spring. Meanwhile it is the moment to remember the dead. B ecause of the virus, this Qingming is special. For months, it is with news of all kinds of reports about the outbreak, confirmed cases, etc. ...
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Shares Status of self improvement
2020-3-25 23:34
Have some water, keep regular workout, have a balanced diet, do not stay up, these four tips now can be seen on a checkup report. Does that work? Yes, mostly we just do not pay much attention on personal health condition. We just do not find it important to keep on mentioned tips above until we are ...
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