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Shares You have to fix it
2019-11-10 22:22
We never know what will happen in the next moment. So how can we count on a guy who can control his life. Only can we do is to remain the direction lest it goes worse. Everything may come out without any signs. As I age, I do strongly feel the life which could be fragile and meanwhile tenacious. ...
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Shares Nice warm day
2019-10-31 22:06
Here comes to the end of October, yet it is not willing to say goodbye to the great time of autumn. This month is extremely perfect with ideal weather. It brings the comfortable feeling ot living. The fact is in two months, it will arrive the year 2020. I still remember the scene of ...
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Shares Questions
2019-10-25 22:32
In life, have you ever made the mind of the pursuit for what you really want? Have you seriously thought about what exactly do you want to be? And then, have you ever made the decision for moving further? And have you made actions to realise what you dream of? These ...
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Shares Mahjong
2019-10-20 23:02
A gang of guys in the morning walked out the elevator, yawning all the way till they disspeared in the lobby. The smell of cigarettes were still left in the elevator. They had been playing mahjong all night. I do not know what is the good of mahjong. But later, I sense everything has its magic. If ...
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Shares Being
2019-10-14 23:46
The question about human beings sometimes makes us a pround thinking. We may live poorly, but we never stop pursuing everything around us. That pushes us moving forward. It does not tell us what we should do. It just directs us potential access to success. Not a thing is as easy as we presume. We o ...
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Shares Free mind
2019-10-9 23:22
Free mind
It is not a thing you can not do, it is the way you have not tried before. Yesterday, it was hisotry, now it is the right time to do something. Why do you have to worry too much about the future? Things would be fine if you are preared well in confidence. That confidence is not built on the sayin ...
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Shares Focus on what you have
2019-10-8 23:30
Focus on what you have
It is easy to be lost, knowing nowhere to go. The main reason is that we think it too much and finally mess it up. It is not that easy to make judgement if there is no evidence to show the right decision. When it comes to face troubles, we do not exactly undersand that actions we make ...
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Shares Fall night
2019-10-7 18:57
Fallen leaves tell of the arrival of golden autumn. On top of the hill the sunset is to hide and show the twilight. In the valley the current is in a status of movement in joyfullness. Crisp sound from stream hitting on rocks calms mind down.
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Shares Learn to enjoy life
2019-9-28 14:05
Though it is still a little bit hot in the day, it definitely provides a chance to go around. Particularly before the National Day, there are fewer tourists. The weather is good enough. Being bothered by petty things and pressure from both life and work, sometimes it is a must to squeeze s ...
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Shares Content and acknowledgement
2019-9-27 00:10
It cools off to be the fine season, neither hot nor cold. I like this moment in peace. As I run along with street to street, I sense different kinds of scenes. In the night, nobody else is with me, but myself. I enjoy alone all the way. In few days, it begins with the last quarter of the y ...
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