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Shares Do something
2022-9-24 21:44
The perfect weather is the golden time for enjoyment. Every single day could be the momentum of living forward. Please, do not think too much. Just seize what you have, pursue what you want, do what you like. Then you are going tobe the master of your own. Life span confines you but your thou ...
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Shares Trapped trips
2022-9-23 20:32
Red flags have been decorated well alongside streets warming up the atmosphere nicely for the upcoming National Holiday. Yet, the anxiety for being expired of nucleic acid testing is akin to that for a guy's dying phone. Anyone has his or her expiration date, as in any of an item displaying in a ma ...
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Shares Change
2022-9-22 21:01
After a three-year's construction, the West Railway Station is opened today, and three more subway lines have followed suit to operation. Then the transportation is getting more convenient for people's commuting and traveling. But sometimes I still recall the time I was taking the green train to sc ...
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Shares Evolvement of the fall
2022-9-21 23:11
As the blossom of osmanthus flowers and cooling temperatures, autumn represents the end of hot summer. This mild weather is relatively dry in humidity. Meanwhile, thanks to deciduous trees, reddened and yellowed leaves are the unique version of this special season. The continuing cooling will soone ...
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Shares Fantastic
2022-9-20 23:02
With the warmth of sunshine, the casual walk is enjoyable since it burdens nothing else, instead it only provides pleasure that I can have fun. Years ago, I was informed that a man could hardly work efficiently alongside the West Lake due to the suitable environment that anyone would b ...
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Shares Uneven
2022-9-19 18:46
The summer was that hot to be like a stove burning all the way. And now the mild weather will last for weeks before it is getting cold. And this moment is casual to stroll around. Four seasons are at odds with each other in a year, generallyspeaking, spring and autumn are always so brief, usu ...
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Shares Typhoon
2022-9-15 19:15
Coastal cities were severely suffered from the typhoon and now it has finally waned. Due to the distance from the seaside, and this typhoon did not go directly through here, it had a slight influence. Every year, the gale is so destructive that it can destroyalmost everything alongside the pa ...
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Shares Never surrender
2022-9-14 18:37
The counteroffensive of Ukraine has recaptured many cities which were occupied by Russia six months ago. And the retreat of Russian soldiers who are almost forced to be back on borders signs the collapse of invasion of Ukraine. Justice never surrenders to atrocity and dictatorship because a just ca ...
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Shares Cool rain
2022-9-13 10:57
The rain started in the morning and will last at least two days since the arrival of typhoon.Compared to previous years, this year's rainfall is much lesser, almost halved due to the record high temperatures.Again, it gets cooler. The delayed osmanthus flowers may bloomsoon as the ...
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Shares Short life
2022-9-12 11:22
The span of a man's life is not that long, just few ones last their lives to 100 years. For ordinary people, to live well and to strive for a better tomorrow is what they mainly ask. Many unnecessary worries are not for suggestion. The brief life ought to be in the situationfor the focus of e ...
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