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Shares Very right moment
2021-4-18 10:35
Follow your heart, do not let others invade your mind. Sounds not that easy, but it has to be like that. When you have the plan and act everything to achieve it, you will realize yourself. You do not feel boring anymore since you have something to do. Day after day, year after year. Time g ...
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Shares A good day
2021-4-17 11:32
Colorful flowers and green treesrepresent thevivid spring time. Wonderful season goes to be nice moment for us to enjoy beautiful days. It is not sure if it is going to be sunny or rainy tomorrow. But it typically makes aperfect trend for the bright moment.The dew in the mo ...
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Shares Green tea
2021-4-16 13:20
The tea is nice and I drink it with great satisfaction. Apart from visiting to tombs and praying ancestors, I spent a week helpingmy familyto pick teainthetea gardenduring the Tomb Sweeping Festival. Tea trees are growing well. It was a har ...
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Shares The way with no solitude
2021-4-14 12:55
If one day it has no messages from the guy withwhomyou keep in touch, you just feel okay to accept the truth. There must be reasons, the one must think it is not necessary to contact with you anymore. But that is not something you have to know. Just let it go. At a certain mome ...
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Shares Sunny afternoon
2021-3-22 13:10
It is comfortable to soak up in the sun. Flourishing pear flowers present the spring vitality. After the rain, in the morning there are scattered white petals making a huge carpet in the yard. Fragrance of flowers remains in the air but the voice of people is not the same as before.
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Shares Warm spring
2021-3-21 21:40
Warm spring
End of rain, it will be sunny for a couple of days. And i t is getting warmer, spring is here. This is the right time to go out and enjoy the beauty of nature. Some of friends have posted the sale of tea on their wechat moments which is a nice way of e-commerce. The call composed of thunder and l ...
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Shares Spring thunder
2021-3-19 14:05
Awakened by the thunder at the four in the early morning, then I was clear to listen to the rain. Abundant rainfallmakes the lucid water run in streams. Flowers were blowndown and it would be a wonderful viewin the yard. What a spring.
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Shares Delicious dish in the dinner
2021-3-9 23:45
The salted pork with eggs was a nice dish for the dinner. It will be great when localbamboo shoots come into season in the bamboo garden. Then thatpork can be simmered with bamboo shoots. Anothertype of nice dish is to demonstrate good food.The consumption of such a good dis ...
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Shares Simplicity of life
2021-3-8 13:42
The simplicity of life is the style of making everything clean andordered. It does not ask for too much needs, instead, itfollows the principle of the less the better. A room does not have to be full of furniture. A closet does not to have many clothes. And a dinner is just as sim ...
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Shares Improvement speaks louder
2021-3-7 13:24
The best way to prove yourself is to improve yourself. Sometimes we may feel bad that someone did not follow what we wanted or did something contradicted with us. Then a quarrel possibly happened. A high volume of voice usually took the advantagein thesquabble. The higherof the&nb ...
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