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Shares Status of self improvement
2020-3-25 23:34
Have some water, keep regular workout, have a balanced diet, do not stay up, these four tips now can be seen on a checkup report. Does that work? Yes, mostly we just do not pay much attention on personal health condition. We just do not find it important to keep on mentioned tips above until we are ...
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Shares Winter&Spring
2020-3-22 14:20
It started to rain yesterday afternoon which lasted the whole night. Thunder and the sound of heavy raindrops accompanied me to have a sound sleep. The soaked earth and cleaned leaves told me of a brand new day in the morning. Under the influence of this pandemic, recentl ...
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Shares Remain vigilant to be normal
2020-3-14 12:56
Remain vigilant to be normal
I was informed to work in the office two week ago. Every day I wear a mask. It did not make me comfortable at the first time I put on a mask and I felt hard to breathe. Now I just get used to it. After spring festival, the city was almost empty. Though these days, gradually it gets t ...
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Shares Introspectiveness
2020-3-5 22:53
People will go nuts being home too long particularly in this special moment. And almost everyone wants to go out and go to work. It surely releases the stress generated in a-long-time-home-stay. Some guys have already gone back to work, but it does not mean the epidemic is canceled. Till ...
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Shares March
2020-3-2 22:34
As the outbreak ofthe COVID-19, we have been caged at home too long which really makes us crazy. When it comes to doctors and nurses who are treating infected patients with endeavor,we are lucky enough. Since they have to work for a very long time everyday without having dinner and goi ...
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Shares Keep forward
2020-2-28 13:39
Keep forward
If we got no ideas of judgement we know nothing about this world. That means we are easily to sink into a kind of mess. To be cool in mind is not an easy thing, in fact, it needs rich knowledge of what we know and realize. That is not something we can just have by checking wechat moments or reading ...
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Shares Advanced study
2020-2-22 23:59
Advanced study
At present, there is no sign to predict whenthis epidemic will end up. It has changed a lot. The only chance I go outside is to walk to the supermarket, on the wayI almost see nothing but few cars and people. Like many others, I can handle my work at home. Thanks god, the internet conn ...
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Shares Do the plan
2020-2-15 23:46
Do the plan
Since the popularization of the social network service, we are easy to get access to lots of information. Good news, bad news, whatever, we are under the influence of them. In face of so many news, we have to sharpen eyes. Particularly, at present, we have to be cool in mind. Everyday the updates o ...
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Shares Before dawn
2020-2-7 23:40
Before dawn
Alongside streets, shops are shut down except for supermarkets, drug stroes. All living communities are under the closed management, people are allowed to go for shopping in every two days. There are few pedestrians who are with masks can be seen on streets. Several buses and cars pass ...
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Shares Stay home
2020-2-2 16:44
Because of the novel coronavirus outbreak, this spring festival is inactive. All activities are canceled and people have to stay home. So do I. I have been home all the time. The figure of diagnosed patients and suspected cases keeps increasing everyday. We all have no idea how could it be so destr ...
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