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Keep a happy moode for the coming days     
  • wangjide01: A smiled girl will have a good luck (1-10 10:29)
2019-1-10 09:31 Reply|
wish what come is what I expect in the folllowing 4days   
2014-4-4 17:37 Reply|
It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.
2013-8-12 14:28 Reply|
As if what I really need is a boyfriend who is beside me``
  • kinzhang: It's not so difficult to realize that, right? (6-8 09:27)
2013-5-6 16:25 Reply|
New week,new start,be myself,make the change````
2012-11-26 09:10 Reply|
I don't know whether I should take up my courage to take actions to avoid the foreseeable regret in the coming future. In such a contradiction
2012-6-13 17:26 Reply|
After six months without any contact,he called me again last night and apologized to me,which moved me but frustrated once more ``
  • Robert.yan: Maybe it's a good beginning. (6-7 12:49)
  • 784Ivy: I can't define it as a begining or end,since then we never say hello to each other any more,just like strangers. I don't know whether both of our hearts are at ease. let it be (6-7 14:34)
  • Kimi011812: Life sucks! no one can expect what will happen in next few minutes. (6-11 15:01)
2012-4-28 10:25 Reply|
Up to today,I have worked in my present company for 2 years only``Fighting```
  • lgityt: haha,I have worked in my company for 7years,i don't feel like that the work of ten years just likes a day. (3-5 14:06)
  • 784Ivy: What a great spirit it is for a person to take ten years’ work as a day’s!As if it is reachless for me. Good luck,guy`` (3-5 15:35)
2012-3-3 10:01 Reply|
Only ourself know what on earth the matter is going on`````````
2012-2-3 10:13 Reply|
All my friends here,do you belive the constellation???
  • Night-Wolf: I wanna ask this question as well. What's your answer? (12-26 13:08)
  • 784Ivy: Mostly,I do believe what the horoscope said,specially,the description of each constellation's charactor in detail .so that is the reason why I am asking here. (12-26 14:55)
  • Night-Wolf: Well, I think that's all about "individuality & commonness"! (12-26 15:16)
2011-8-23 11:02 Reply|
need a place to have a rest,but anyway,keep moving on``````````
2011-8-22 09:42 Reply|
I am eager to have a long-distance journey by myself ,to be far away from friends and totally get rid of the burden of work ,and to relax and be freely completely```
2011-8-15 20:31 Reply|
A little bit embarrassed today
2011-6-28 10:20 Reply|
Recently,I alawys wanna do something,but as if I somehow can't concentrate on doing anything as all ```
2011-6-17 15:20 Reply|
I have no mood to contact with you any more,I wanna delete all your contact ways forever
2011-4-1 15:53 Reply|
time to study something today`come on``
2011-3-26 11:14 Reply|
It's a long long journey``be brave and try``
2011-3-25 14:53 Reply|
today is extremely sleepy,I can'r figure out the reason```
2011-3-16 15:10 Reply|
today is extremely sleepy,I can'r figure out the reason```
2011-3-16 15:10 Reply|

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