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12 March 2019

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A true healthy person has a sound mind and body. Most people only pay attention to their physical health but overlook the mental health. They try to strengthen their bodies by taking different exercises and eating various nutritious foods. But few of them can keep fit because they often suffer from suspense, depression and anxiety. I think we can find a good answer from the nature and the animal world. The Buddhists have benefitted a lot from natural laws. We see the wild animals live simply and well, quite different from the complicated human world. We can also draw some inspiration from the way of life taken by the longlived people in the remote areas.  

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Reply Sophia.JIANG 2019-3-14 00:08
I disagree with you. Why do you think wild animals live peacefully and well? I don't think so. It's not the truth. Animals confront with difficult living environment in wild and even if for those in zoos, they may complaint about losing fredom as well. The truth is that we don't know the others lives whatever who it is. Those guys around us even shows only a little perspect of life in face of us, not to mention animals, Buddhists, and the most longevous people. Actually I do know the most longevous woman's anecdote who is an English woman died in 116 years old and was said to cooking herself untill 112. It's said that she ate no breakfast, only meat for lunch, as well as raw eggs every dinner for  many years before her last time. Scentists are amazing at her not-healthy-at-all living style. So If you want to live longer, just cheer everydays life  without always looking at others.

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