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125 views. 2024-6-1 10:49

All plants truly miss the sun,
Which never seems to shun.
Just vicious clouds between
Keep them from being seen.

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Reply Sumingyu 2024-6-2 10:28
Nature can fume with rage
To punish man for damage.
Better luck opens the gate
For one never yield to fate.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-6-3 12:17
Second birth is not banned.
What good chance at hand!
But response turns so cold.
All reasons needn't be told.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-6-4 11:28
Nowhere I can't wait to go.
Nothing new I like to know.
If only pace of life got slow,
Quite like many a year ago.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-6-5 13:24
Not enough to watch or heed.
The work we had better read.
For the film may fail to show
Moments on pages that glow.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-6-6 13:00
Futile to find absolute justice.
Any opinion can be prejudice.
Nothing really right or wrong.
Luck can befriend the strong.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-6-7 13:25
Really nothing is more honorable
Than commemorated by Festival.
Just a patriotic poet and minister,
He is no doubt respected as ever.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-6-8 18:09
Don't do anything for show.
Surely quite far you will go.
Talents won't be concealed,
One day could be revealed.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-6-9 14:45
In spring we could sow.
In summer crops grow.
In fall people can reap,
In winter alive to keep.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-6-10 10:07
Childlike spring brings joy.
The aged as winter annoy.
Summer people with zest.
Fall citizens try their best.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-6-11 18:16
Life is a very good teacher.
Must prize food for hunger.
If having suffered poverty,
You will know to be thrifty.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-6-12 12:55
Seized by illness for a while.
Then let me go with a smile.
Perhaps respect for Buddha;
Or sympathized by monster.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-6-13 09:43
Chinese tend to prefer Buddhism,
Which has been based on Taoism.
Truly characterized by pessimism,
Also a school no lack of optimism.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-6-14 16:44
Just before enjoying comfort,
We must devote every effort.
These twigs can replace coal,
Warming both body and soul.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-6-15 20:03
I better seize the chance.
It gone at second glance.
Must prepare in advance.
Joy to see the fire dance.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-6-16 16:50
Anytime I can take a nap.
Weekend with no mishap.
Reopen the back window.
For draught at bungalow.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-6-17 21:23
What a bumper harvest!
This chance not missed.
And if they're not there,
I won't fall into despair.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-6-18 13:18
Now time flies like an arrow.
Now he staggers really slow.
He sees off us on deathbed.
No single tear he may shed.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-6-19 12:32
The owl hunts after dark.
That can bring good luck.
He is called king of night.
By day not likely in sight.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-6-20 12:05
Reading Lark Rise and Cranford,
With life I may never get bored.
Written by two delicate females.
Describing precious past details.
Reply Sumingyu 2024-6-21 16:46
Sooner or later all will die.
That fate no one can defy.
This final permanent rest
Has been waiting in west.

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