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Shares 9 July 2020
2020-7-9 11:42
We’re demanded to pay the bill For the dinners against our will. Because we’re newly promoted teachers, We ’ re obliged to entertain all the others.
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Shares 8 July 2020
2020-7-8 10:53
I have an impulse to read aloud In a voice which does me proud. I keep away from talkative mother For fear that she is likely to bother. I know my spirits will soon be gone, So I must seize the moment with fun.
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Shares 7 July 2020
2020-7-7 12:24
It’s a summer morning after rain; Under the line drops still remain. The air is moist, cool and refreshing. The sky is light blue and far-reaching.
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Shares 6 July 2020
2020-7-6 08:47
We harvested the first pumpkin, Which weighed over four jin. Thanks to mother’s care of the garden, She has been well rewarded in return.
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Shares 5 July 2020
2020-7-5 11:26
Unfaithful heroines in classics are usually sympathized. Such unethical behavior should be severely criticized. Young people must keep away from these books Lest they might be degraded into similar crooks.
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Shares 4 July 2020
2020-7-4 10:22
When young,he travelled with amusement; When aged,he migrated for embarrassment. Had it not been for his hardship and descent, There would not have been his achievement.
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Shares 3 July 2020
2020-7-3 09:26
Overhead the sun was dazzlingly hot. Large clouds drifted over to our spot. The suffocating heat was gone at once. To the heavens I gave a grateful glance.
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Shares 2 July 2020
2020-7-2 12:03
What a large field of potatoes Not far from our bungalows! I’ll glean there after harvest As winter use to avoid waste.
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Shares 1 July 2020
2020-7-1 12:19
Instead of watching TV at night, I began reading by the lamplight. I must finish the left unread few Ere going to purchase some new.
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Shares 30 June 2020
2020-6-30 15:16
At the book donating ceremony tomorrow, Our principal will make a speech, I know. He assigned me to write one for him; Innocently to the activity I fall victim.
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