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Shares 19 January 2020
2020-1-19 12:45
As the end of this year is approaching, a friendly warmer spell comes to our region. The main street was jammed up with motor - vehicles and enormous crowds. 年關且近氣微熏,人擁車塞市紛紛。 Both elder sister and elder sister - in - law competed to display their filial piety to ...
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Shares 18 January 2020
2020-1-18 15:03
The crafty sycophants were in power and all the important posts at the court were closed to the outstanding talent. In such a bleak autumn, this former humble official gazed sadly into the distant north where the capital was situated. 奸佞當道賢在野,北望京華悲秋色。 As he ...
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Shares 17 January 2020
2020-1-17 12:14
The talented poet - immortal and poet - sage should have been cold - shouldered by the imperial court. They couldn’t rest until they had expressed their ambitions in their brilliant poems unparalleled up to now. 仙聖大才志難伸,鬱結 為詩更絕倫。 The day would come when I coul ...
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Shares 16 January 2020
2020-1-16 12:25
Du Fu ' s poems are still widely read with admiration. But it is a great pity that he had ever led a hard life. 少陵詩篇傳至今,可憐一生多苦辛。 To his surprise, his little son had just died of hunger when he returned from Chang ' an where he had been stranded over ten years. By ...
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Shares 15 January 2020
2020-1-15 11:39
The lonely aged widower had died for several days in his empty nest, but his son was still in the dark ten thousand li away. 空巢老人死多日,萬里之外子不知。 When the annoyed neighbors removed the rotting corpse, and the swarm of voracious flies could not tear themselves away ...
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Shares 14 January 2020
2020-1-14 12:35
Before rising, I heard the ground pounded outside and thought that an excavator might be working at the rubbish heap nearby. Soon I saw its lifted large arm beyond the yard wall of my neighbor at the east end. 早聞撞地意掘坑,俄見巨臂擎空中。 Later when I went out to dump the waste, ...
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Shares 13 January 2020
2020-1-13 13:04
An official loyal to his sovereign regards righteousness as superior to his life, which makes a reputation for himself before and after death. 忠臣重義輕死生,赢得生前身後名。 What a great number of the spirits of the wronged through all ages, which keeps me from finding inner ...
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Shares 12 January 2020
2020-1-12 13:30
Jiao Yulu had worked wholeheartedly for the welfare of the people of the Lankao county as a faithful public servant. 蘭考之子焦裕禄,鞠躬為民謀幸福。 The whole nation mourned over his early death and even the Heaven was in mourning by covering the sky with white clouds. 英年 ...
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Shares 11 January 2020
2020-1-11 16:51
When I was young in poverty, I always looked forward to the coming of the Spring Festival for I could be dressed in new clothes and eat wheat bread to my satisfaction by then. 小時窮困盼過年,喜著新衣食白面。 But now I can hardly brighten up at the festival even though a marten ...
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Shares 10 January 2020
2020-1-10 14:16
A gross misunderstanding has been existing over a thousand years about a poem named Thoughts on a Still Night by Li Bai, in which the character Chuang means the rails round a well rather than a bed. 夜思誤解千百年,牀非臥具為井榦。 Moreover, even a child knows that frost forms outd ...
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