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Shares 24 March
2023-3-24 09:29
The strong wind turns to breeze. So by now I might cycle at ease. After days the blow seems tired. My pleasure may not be shared.
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Shares 21 March
2023-3-22 09:26
Mother often fails to recognize. When old, we may do likewise. Now eldest sister has to leave. I told her simply not to grieve. 22 March Eldest sister felt rather sad. Mother also in a mood bad. And she chose to withdraw. I dislike to see them abhor. 23 March They hear translation without d ...
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Shares 12 March
2023-3-21 09:18
I planted onions turning so dry To ensure good reserve supply. In boxes of soil they may grow. Take inside at temperature low.
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Shares 20 March
2023-3-20 13:58
I should have foreseen this before. She really can't be here any more. She is ill and needs constant care. In attending how could she share?
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Shares 17 March
2023-3-17 12:30
Against wind I ride with effort;. My sweat moistens inner shirt. And before wind with big load, My bike moves lightly on road.
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Shares 16 March
2023-3-16 12:04
Eldest sister will come today. And I hope she'd like to stay. So elder brother can be free. But wonder if she's to agree.
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Shares 15 March
2023-3-15 11:15
Here arrives windy season. This annoys me very often. But it can melt land frozen. All living beings will waken.
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Shares 14 March
2023-3-14 11:19
She gave me paper quite often. I might do something in return. I brought her vegetables today, And felt inward peace to repay.
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Shares 13 March
2023-3-13 09:42
I rode this bike with new tyres. I've changed the two old pairs. They may be a little expensive. Desire long service they'll give.
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Shares 11 March
2023-3-11 21:43
Against wind,I had to walk on foot. Before wind I rode on return route. Every day on that homeward road, I'd like to carry a permissible load.
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