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Shares July
2024-7-1 12:59
1 Just among the flourishing weeds, I collected ripe black onion seeds. Although there was a light breeze, Face rolled down the sweat beads.
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Shares June
2024-6-1 10:49
1 All plants truly miss the sun, Which never seems to shun. Just vicious clouds between Keep them from being seen.
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Shares May
2024-5-1 11:11
They have reason to despise, For I ’ m common and unwise. No hope to let others realize The unique craft that I prize.
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Shares April
2024-4-1 16:23
1 Memorial day draws near. Weather turns quite clear. Back from parent s ' grave. What good life they gave! 2 I'd like to watch the alien plays. Our native ones fail me always. Something charms me in them. The domestic tempt us seldom. 3 When praised not too happy. When blamed not ...
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Shares March
2024-3-1 16:29
1 Don ' t believe what you see. This can cheat you and me. Most times we ' re just blind To falseness hidden behind. 2 Why take a woman to wife? She'll ruin my peaceful life. Now I choose to live alone. I could survive on my own. 3 Temptation seems to recede. I'm ashamed of recent deed. ...
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Shares February
2024-2-1 15:44
1 Yesterday death may appear. No festival couplets this year. I nevertell that news to son. Topics concerned I will shun. 2 The sun tells time as clock As long as no clouds block. With its help in new region, We can take right direction. 3 Dumplings eaten at festival. But I ’d &nbs ...
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Shares 1 January
2024-1-1 13:07
Videos aren’t what I need. Therefore I decide to read. I mustn’t go back too late Onsuch very special date. 2 January The sharp head of hatchet Became loose when I split. I drilled hole in the handle And fastened to the metal. 3 January Less desires make life happy. Ot ...
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Shares 21 December
2023-12-21 11:33
It struck me to finish the task, To saw off the branch at dusk. I tried to cut connecting part On ladder with anxious heart. 22 December We should fight cold with fire, Putting on warm winter wear. We'd better have some meat. That'll supply energy of heat. 23 December Vacation has almost be ...
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Shares 18 December
2023-12-18 10:54
I offered him some mutton. Cakes were given in return. He comes to my help often As the only reliable person. 19 December Anything turns useful one day. So we mustn't cast that away. Otherwise we may feel regret, As this loss can give an upset. 20 December Necessary to endure this toil, Ta ...
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Shares 14 December
2023-12-14 09:47
I try to heat up bedroom To dispel cold and gloom. I light fire in the kitchen. Its sound joyful to listen. 15 December At night fell the light snow. Indoor ice tended to show. Though leaving home late, I moved quick at any rate. 16 December Son sent me fresh mutton From afar in peri ...
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