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Shares 19 September 2019
2019-9-19 14:26
Quite some cabbages are deserted in the vegetable plot just harvested. I picked up several on my way home carrying back by bike. 菜蔬旣穑棄者多,歸來拾取車上馱。 I’m lucky to live in such times of peace and prosperity without famine as an unqualified teacher just to make up the ...
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Shares 18 September 2019
2019-9-18 18:43
The tree leaves have begun to fall and people are putting on more clothes. The harsh and raw breath of autumn is almost invincible. 木葉脱兮人添衣,肅殺之氣無與敵。 At the foot of the hill of coal stands its joyful seller. The beauty is dismayed by the ending of the exposure of her ...
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Shares 17 September 2019
2019-9-17 10:52
Li Bai improvised lines while drinking alone. Zhang Xu wrote cursive characters after getting drunk. 李白獨酌以賦詩,張旭狂飲而揮毫。 Their inspiration must be the gift from God and they are still held in high repute. 仙顚靈氣皆神注,遺響至今蕩雲霄。 ...
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Shares 16 September 2019
2019-9-16 10:52
It has got chilly with the autumn wind soughing in the trees. Plenty of warm clothes have just been posted to the distant place. 秋風颯颯天氣凉,寒衣件件郵逺方。 When the shuddering son leans against the door waiting far away, his anxious whit e – haired father is missing ...
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Shares 15 September 2019
2019-9-15 10:35
The moonlit night was just as bright as in broad day. The dream in my long sleep seemed to be true. 月朙夜如昼,眠久夢似真。 I envied the luminous full moon in vain. It’s a futile hope to reunite with all my family members on this occasion. 徒羡銀光满,妄期家眷全。 ...
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Shares 14 September 2019
2019-9-14 13:26
It was rainy and overcast all day long and the expected moon didn’t appear until later in the evening in a vague image. The bad weather resulted in the sparseness of pedestrians on the street. 雲雨遲遲見昏月,巷衢眇眇逢散人。 What a pity the shopkeepers had cudgeled their brains! In ...
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Shares 13 September 2019
2019-9-13 15:23
When shallot seeds are sowed here beyond the Great Wall, winter wheat is planted in my native land. 塞外種葱日,故園播麦時。 They both go into hibernation under a white quilt and awake in the spring rising as green waves. 冬眠覆白衾,春醒湧碧浪。
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Shares 12 September 2019
2019-9-12 12:20
At the Mid – autumn Festival, the moon cakes are mostly bought as gifts presented to others close to the purchasers. Usually coarse food can be seen on the dining table in an ordinary family. 中秋糕點貢城闕,平素粗食餐敝廬。 Almost all the presents are a litt ...
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Shares 11 September 2019
2019-9-11 09:40
It has got cool after the arrival of the White Dew and our wear feels thin. The moonlight comes closer and the sky seems to step back far away. 白露轉凉衣覺單,月光移近天顯逺。 Perhaps some locals of my native village are looking up at the moon and wondering when the distant trave ...
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Shares 10 September 2019
2019-9-10 09:54
We have been suffering from vicious neighbors over half a century. We can‘t get rid of their infestation although we have moved house for several times. 五十餘年苦惡鄰,輾轉遷徙無窮盡。 Why do most gentlemen die young and all villains pass away in bed of old age ? 君 ...
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