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Shares 24 January 2022
2022-1-23 11:50
Recent weather is extremely nice. Each day I can collect fuels twice. Once obstructed by snow and ice, I would fail to obtain even a slice.
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Shares 23 January 2022
2022-1-22 12:00
Don’t look for the thing in haste. Or your time would go to waste. One day you will find by chance, For it has been fixed in advance.
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Shares 22 January 2022
2022-1-21 12:33
I searched every corner and nook, But failed to get the missing book. Yesterday I saw one with the look. It won’t be found any more I took.
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Shares 21 January 2022
2022-1-20 12:19
The old woman is quite different From others who are dependent. She says her cash may be spent In remarried life at any moment.
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Shares 20 January 2022
2022-1-19 11:49
The wild plants are dry and good. I may use them to cook our food. They heat bedroom like firewood. I can collect in our neighborhood.
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Shares 19 January 2022
2022-1-18 11:39
The waste ground produced thick weeds, Which are sufficient to supply our needs. I can hardly know who sowed the seeds. I think that really belongs to kind deeds.
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Shares 18 January 2022
2022-1-17 12:35
I treasure the withered jungle. Happy free fuels are available. Now I may use my old bicycle, Which has for so long lain idle.
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Shares 17 January 2022
2022-1-16 11:56
In winter some animals migrate. Some are to stay and hibernate. Moving out is what I really hate. I think nothing can compensate.
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Shares 16 January 2022
2022-1-15 12:17
The date proved to be a failure. Quite changed the atmosphere. Flied off that moment of cheer. Beauty defeated virtue in here.
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Shares 15 January 2022
2022-1-14 11:15
He thinks that old lady very nice. He’ll marry her at great sacrifice. He turns a deaf ear to all advice. True collectors never mind price.
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