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Shares 11 November 2019
2019-11-11 20:28
Today I was sent to the Teaching and Research Section of Changchun Education Bureau attending a lecture on comprehensive practice for primary school in the afternoon. The most important to me was to sign in there and post the pictures of the class to the WeChat of our school. 省城聽課日 ...
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Shares 10 November 2019
2019-11-10 12:58
You ' re good guys to help people out of dire misery. You firefighters are so reliable that you can risk your own lives for saving others in need. 救民水火好兒郎,舍生忘死衆所仗。 No words can express people ' s gratitude to you. May the richest blessings of our Heavenly Father b ...
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Shares 9 November 2019
2019-11-9 11:55
The happiest time in our life is in childhood when we spent every day leisurely and carefree. 人生至樂數孩提,優哉遊哉朝到夕。 The students begin to be shackled by conventions after receiving the materially oriented education. So young minds go astray generation after generation. ...
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Shares 8 November 2019
2019-11-8 10:52
When water rises, the boat floats high. The delicious meal was running short because it whetted the appetites of the diners. 船高坐水漲,飯少緣餚香。 It would do great physical harm to be satiated with food. The people are mostly strong and healthy who have ever suffered from ...
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Shares 7 November 2019
2019-11-7 10:27
In the past flogging was an effective way of teaching, but now who dare do the slightest harm to his pupils or children? 昔者棒以教,今敢動毫毛? I sigh with regret at the changed world in vain. Who can predict the outcome in the future? We’d better take care of ourselves to a ...
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Shares 6 November 2019
2019-11-6 11:41
In those ridiculous years under the dictatorship of the proletariat, anyone found with ideas and deeds against the policies of the government would be persecuted cruelly as an antirevolutionary criminal. 荒唐年代一言堂,敢持異議必遭殃。 Class struggle wa ...
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Shares 5 November 2019
2019-11-5 11:46
I couldn’t help reading the novelette February from which the film I saw is adapted. I was almost carried away by the author’s brilliant literary talent. 觀罢影視讀原作,才氣縦横摄魂魄。 I was still absorbed in the work near midnight. What a heroic and unyielding martyr the ...
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Shares 4 November 2019
2019-11-4 11:39
Long ago I took possession of a red jacket and trousers of the same color by chance. They are clothes of quality and fit me well. 偶得紅衣裳,稱身質地良。 They have been put away since without being worn just on account of the color. 但因其色丹,久置未見光。 ...
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Shares 3 November 2019
2019-11-3 12:48
Today is son ' s 23rd birthday. He was born on a chilly snowy day. 今日生辰廿有三,與雪同降天初寒。 It might bring comfort to the soul of late wife that our child has secured a decent job at Jiayuguan. 亡妻幽魂或可慰,吾子供職嘉峪關。
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Shares 2 November 2019
2019-11-2 10:42
The south apartment is well supplied with heat but deserted. Mother resides at the cool north bungalow. 南樓暖無人,北舍凉有親。 I ' m looking after mother and waiting for son ' s home - coming. Then he can take a bath and have a short stay at the warm flat. 侍母待子歸, ...
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