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Shares 15 January 2021
2021-1-15 15:37
We just had another heavy snow; My travel will get hard tomorrow. Brother can come over after I go, Keeping mother’s room in a glow.
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Shares 14 January 2021
2021-1-14 12:02
We kill the gaiety of our children And let them bear heavy burden. They ’re forced to h ave class drill. We never hesitate to pay the bill.
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Shares 13 January 2021
2021-1-13 12:03
They come to take,not to give; I mayn’t with any of them live. None of them aims at support. Of duty they ’ ve never thought.
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Shares 12 January 2021
2021-1-12 10:58
I bless each lucky couple; But I’d rather keep single. Marriage leads to trouble. I only long for life simple.
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Shares 11 January 2021
2021-1-11 11:54
Son decided not to come back For fear of the epidemic attack. When life may be on the track And can provide what we lack?
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Shares 10 January 2021
2021-1-10 12:33
When mother dies, I will not cry. I could accept it with a long sigh. Maybe her senior age can justify My response which I never deny.
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Shares 9 January 2021
2021-1-9 12:48
So brilliant the Mother s ’ Show! I saw new talent come and go. Now their status might be low; I guess it ’ ll improve tomorrow.
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Shares 8 January 2021
2021-1-8 12:11
Among a great many people I still feel lonesome as usual. Her memory can give a little Ecstasy and ease the trouble.
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Shares 7 January 2021
2021-1-7 11:34
Learning bad records of mine, I finished further study online Two days before the deadline. I suppose I’ll get a mark fine.
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Shares 6 January 2020
2021-1-6 12:01
Mother tended son day and night; Melancholy turned her hair white. After so long faint, to her delight, He woke and recovered his sight.
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