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Shares 19 September 2021
2021-9-19 11:50
It’s the harvest season of dates, I prefer which to the chocolates. I have left home for forty years And won’t do the job it appears.
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Shares 18 September 2021
2021-9-18 17:24
The moon gets full now and then. People turn separated very often, On the Mid⁃autumn Festival even, Only contact by sound and vision.
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Shares 17 September 2021
2021-9-17 16:20
Today I wouldn’t read or write. I must fasten fuels in sunlight. I believed it was entirely right, For my schedule was not tight.
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Shares 16 September 2021
2021-9-16 16:19
School is closed for lack of water supply. Happy to see chieftain repeatedly notify. Last time I had ever given a protest cry For living in the dark and enquired why.
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Shares 15 September 2021
2021-9-15 09:32
These are final good days of the year. Autumnal sky looks so high and clear. Leaves start changing color with fear. Very soon cold winter will set in here.
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Shares 14 September 2021
2021-9-14 08:57
At school shortly after gulping breakfast, We've no feeling of any hunger or thirst. Lunch is being offered at the dining hall. However, no one has desire to eat at all.
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Shares 13 September 2021
2021-9-13 12:32
Defence of Changsha is a grand play That relates history in a truthful way. KMT army joined Anti-Japanese War, Which had been refuted long before.
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Shares 12 September 2021
2021-9-12 16:23
I’ve got used to this great change. School staff are no longer strange. Pleased to have made new friends. I’ll win more while my job extends.
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Shares 11 September 2021
2021-9-11 15:56
Seeing the curtain coated with dust, How could I let such a situation last? It’s been sunny and windy after rain. So I hadn’t caught the water in vain.
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Shares 10 September 2021
2021-9-10 09:40
Happy to receive gifts on Teachers' Day. I've been satisfied with my present pay. It's wise for me to have chosen the bay. Late father had ushered me to the way.
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