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Shares 30 November
2023-11-30 09:29
The walking in step is a surprise. It needs to practise the exercise. These guards have to train hard At cost of their sweat and blood. 1 December Around mouth appears frost. My freedom hasn't been lost. I'll start anytime I would like With the help my lovely bike.
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Shares 27 November
2023-11-27 10:35
Ground is coated with new snow. Difficult to exist for any sparrow. Machines are sweeping the road. They have a heavy working load. 28 November Watching those films is banned. I read stories from foreign land. I will find some and understand As long as Net gives me a hand. 29 November The d ...
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Shares 23 November
2023-11-23 11:53
This ground had been frozen hard. Shoes won't be covered with mud. And I changed for my bigger bike. When carrying goods I would like. 24 November Weather is now back to normal. Warmth is gone rather unusual. I'll return with load of firewood, As much as that old bike could. 25 November T ...
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Shares 20 November
2023-11-20 10:52
Breadwinner gets mortally sick. This family needs aid of public After receiving the heavy blow. We may find love people show. 21 November It was a windy and warm night. Eaves were dripping in twilight. Icy road now is open and wide. On watery surface I again ride. 22 November Today I began ...
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Shares 16 November
2023-11-16 10:10
This drizzle turned into snow. And no wind seemed to blow. Now I have a long way to go. However no end would show. 17 November After early death of her husband, Parents-in-law aren't abandoned. She rejected any advice to leave For favor she might ever receive. 18 November I couldn’t conn ...
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Shares 13 November
2023-11-13 09:19
She gave friendly help then. It is time to repay in return. Here we've something rare. So she could enjoy a share. 14 November I enjoy the peace and solitude. Good to take religious attitude. I would get used to such state, Living alone without any mate. 15 November I can ride on the countr ...
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Shares 9 November
2023-11-9 11:19
School closed for heavy snow. When open it is hard to know. I am inhabiting the bungalow. Now temperature not too low. 10 November Fallen snow on highway cleared. Slippery country road appeared. As discovering safe,I might ride. Otherwise I could walk the side. ...
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Shares 1 November
2023-11-1 12:05
Now fell heavily the first snow. Beforehand none should know. It could cause troubles to ride. But I put inconvenience aside. 2 November At present this road is very clean. In shadow snow still can be seen. Only pines keep intact and green. Others all fade away from screen. 3 November Large ...
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Shares 26 October
2023-10-26 12:45
Like man nature needs a rest. In winter she is to enjoy best. Now we all have a warm nest. No one has reasons to detest. 30 October Father, mother and wife all died. Son lives far, seldom at my side. Soon will come winter and snow. I alone seal every north window. 31 October I have been the ...
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Shares 23 October
2023-10-23 09:19
I have ever overused my waist. As result, it left me a bad taste. But now it has got much better Ten days after death of mother. 24 October I'll apply for pay for the funeral. Friday might finish the disposal. Then that money is sent to son. It can't be owned by other one. 25 October I move ...
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