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Shares 20 April 2021
2021-4-20 09:11
No one comes to see flowers in bloom; The apricot orchard is silent as a tomb. Before long descends the day of doom. So I get immersed in a mood of gloom.
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Shares 19 April 2021
2021-4-19 12:06
Assemble both the young and the old. Timid lads stand far apart and behold Like scared deer but shortly turn bold. That they jump as monkeys to unfold.
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Shares 18 April 2021
2021-4-18 13:17
The pond gets warm in sunlight. Fish are allured coming in sight. Around cluster trees dark green, Where four crows perch unseen.
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Shares 17 April 2021
2021-4-17 09:56
White poplars are nearly to bloom. Soon flowers will go to their doom. They're likened to females wanton, Who have strong sexual attraction.
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Shares 16 April 2021
2021-4-16 08:31
Rain came to an end as I left home. I cycled hurriedly under grey dome. The usual route had got a little wet And resulted in no emotional upset.
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Shares 15 April 2021
2021-4-15 08:50
The remnants of crops are set on fire; So choking clouds of smog fill the air. Farmers prepare the land for planting Despite government's ban on burning.
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Shares 14 April 2021
2021-4-14 08:40
A bright moon rises over the sea, Then shines on both you and me. Lonesome lady is racked by pain. She stays up complaining in vain.
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Shares 13 April 2021
2021-4-13 08:29
What a vernal scene in clear daylight! No one comes to appreciate the sight. Later the beauty is shrouded at night. Her fair complexion is no more bright.
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Shares 12 April 2021
2021-4-12 08:32
Seeing flowers at times so bad, I'll burst into tears and get sad. Separated and no words heard, I'll shudder at the chirping bird.
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Shares 11 April 2021
2021-4-11 11:56
Perching birds are disturbed by moonlight. All become wide awake making their flight. Chirping cicadas can be heard at midnight. They seem to sing in an ecstasy of delight.
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