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Shares A Baby Talk
2012-6-10 22:09
"When I grow up, I will give birth to a baby", my baby son suddenly said to me one day. I asked, " what would you call the baby?" "I am gonna call him my brother. And we can play togther", answered my son. I ...
1120 views|11 replies
Shares A Walking Dictionary or Walking with a Dictionary?
2012-2-26 14:51
I am known to my collegues for being absent-minded, yet they would come to me when they have problems with English words. Not infrequently did I help them out so some of them dubbed me as a walking dictionary. Do I have a photographic memoryand a very large vocabulary? Absolutely ...
1415 views|15 replies
Shares No.2 Complaint: How to please students?
2011-11-16 22:24
I hate to come across as a miserable grouch, but complaining anonymously on line is indeed an effective way of reducingstress, especially when neitherreality nor myself can be changed. That is, youcan't reconcile the old habits andthe changing world.   ...
1441 views|15 replies
Shares Is your English good enough to appreciate English essays?
2011-10-24 18:20
To be frank, I am not fond of reading English essays, andfamous pieces by first-class writers scare me most. As I see it, essayists like Francis Bacon, Samuel Johnson prefer archaic/ formal words,involved sentencesand topics that are hardly the concern of an ordinary person.&n ...
3137 views|23 replies
Shares A terrible morning!
2011-9-24 22:43
What a terriblemorning I've had! I parked my car in the square and went upstairs tothe classroom. When I returned two hours later, I found the rear bumper of my car terribly dented. I looked around and couldn't find the wrongdoer. I remberedthere was only one black ca ...
1204 views|6 replies
Shares A Story that Happened 3 Years Ago
2011-4-25 08:57
She had died when the rescuers found her. Through the heaps of rubble burying her, people could see her lying facedown, with his upper body on her knees and hands. After one rescuer managed to reach her face and felt her breath, he confirmed that she had already been dead. The team was le ...
823 views|5 replies
Shares My son, a born poet!
2011-4-22 13:05
My son is two years old and talks quite well. Like many other parents, my wife and I are eager to teach him some Tang poems. Asan ancient saying goes, reading up 300 Tang poemsenables oneto intone poems at least, if not to write himself.&n ...
677 views|10 replies
Shares Some Childhood Memories of Eating Chicken
2011-4-22 10:14
Grandma died nearly two decades ago, but vivid memories of her magic cooking often come back to me. I use the word magic because Grandma was good at turning ordinary ingredients into delicious food. When I was a little child, life was hard in the country and eating meat was nothing but ...
620 views|3 replies
Shares A return to my alma mater
2011-4-17 22:08
I graduated from Hubei Universityyears ago and went back only oncein my first year of working. In the past several years, I'vebeen longing to return for a visit. I finally found a chance and went back last Friday. To my surprise,everything has changed beyond rec ...
772 views|5 replies
Shares Is doomsday coming?
2011-4-12 19:55
I heard the word doomsday first mentioned in the movie 2012 . I was shocked by what I saw,but I didn't take it seriously. After all, it was nothing but a movie! Itis absurd that a person should buywhatever a movie says. However, with wars and natural disastersoccurring freq ...
750 views|4 replies

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