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Shares The Silk Road
2013-10-13 21:07
China and Europe are very far from each other . today , people can fly between the two in a few hours . but in the past , it took months or years to go from one place to the other . when people traveled from China to Europe , they went on the Silk Road. The Silk Road was not a real road . it w ...
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Shares All Road Lead To Rome
2013-10-12 20:34
When it ruled the most land ,the Roman Empire was enormous . It covered much of the known world. to the north , it stretched as far as England . to the west , it ruled land in Spain and western Africa. to the south , it covered much land in Africa . and to the east , it stretched far into the Middle ...
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Shares American geography (R.T.22)
2013-10-10 21:41
Theunitedstatesishugecountrywith50states.EachregionintheU.S.hasdifferentgeographicalfeature.ThenortheastisnewEnglandare.Itinclude ...
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Shares The southwest region of the united states (R.T.21)
2013-10-10 21:41
TheAmericansouthwestcoversaverylargearea.Butitonlyhasafewstates.ItincludesthestatesArizona,NewMexico,Texas,andOklahoma.Mostofthel ...
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Shares The civil rights movement in the southeast region (R.T.20)
2013-10-10 21:40
Formanyyears,peopleinthesouthownedblackAfricanslaves.Inthe1860s,theUnitedStatesfoughtthecivilwarbecauseofslavery.Duringthew ...
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Shares Endangered animals (R.T. 19)
2013-10-10 15:52
There are many animals on the earth .some species have many animals. but there are just a few animals in other species . these animals are endangered . if we are not careful ,they could all die and become extinct . in china ,the panda is endangered .in the oceans , the blue whale is endangered . in ...
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Shares National parks (R.T. 18)
2013-10-10 15:45
The United States has many national parks . these are protected areas . so people cannot develop or damage them . the first national park was Yellow national park . it is an area with stunning(美不胜收的) scenery and many wild animals . the Grand Canyon is also a national park. it is one of the larg ...
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Shares What is a map?(reading training 17)
2013-10-10 15:39
Maps are drawings of different places . they show what an area looks like. some maps show very large areas , like countries . other maps show small areas , like cities or neighborhoods. maps can show many things , on big maps , they show the land and water . these maps have countries ,seas , oceans ...
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Shares Oceans and Continents (Reading Training 16)
2013-10-10 15:33
There are seven continents on the Earth . Asia is the biggest of all of them . Europe has many countries located in it . Africa has both deserts and jungles in it . Asia ,Europe, and Africa are often called "the Old World " Australia is the largest island on the Earth . People call North and South A ...
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Shares A Nation of Immigration (Reading Training 15)
2013-10-9 22:20
In the 1789, the United States became a country. It was a huge land . And the country expanded and got bigger .But, at that time , few people lived in the U.S. The country needed immigrants. So, during the nineteenth century , millions of people moved to the U.S. The first Europeans to come to Ameri ...
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