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Shares sowing
2013-2-19 15:37
I haven't come to this place for a long time……Since there is snowing outside,then perhaps stay at the warm house and writing something is good choice! the new year of snake has armed our country. we have given our best wishes to our friends,relatives,teachers……almost all the people we know.we a ...
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Shares farewell ,my 2 grade
2012-6-26 17:27
Today is the last report about our practical training, the forestudent told us many things about our major and future. She shares us with the choice between taking postgraduate entrance exams or going to work directly.From my inner heart i haven't prepared ...
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Shares 5-12
2012-5-12 14:16
Today is 5-12,hehe,i still remember the scene four years ago when i was in my senior school. On the afternoon of that day,when we all sat in the classroom even the class was not begun,suddenly i felt someone push my chair with his feet,but when i looked around,i didn' ...
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Shares The current TV play
2012-4-8 12:15
The only queen regnant of china---Wuzetian,is a marvellous woman as we know.there are different assess about her,we knew her about in our junior high school,and it tells not very much about her. i remember there were some TV plays about Wuzetian,for instance,《至尊红颜》is ...
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Shares The elective courses
2012-3-9 14:35
I really have to say that the elective courses in my collge are so boring.We have studied many elective subjects so far,but none of them gave me something worth remembering,we all seem to study them for GPA, i'm so confused, because everyone play cellphones or sleep i ...
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Shares Some people we know
2012-3-3 14:10
I saw a funny translations: Don't worry---李莫愁; Be happy lee---李寻欢;Hi baby---韦小宝;Let me go---任我行; No teeth son---无崖子;Look crazy---乔峰;Make the fox rush---令狐冲;Thank son---谢逊;Dr.huang---黄药师; Whatever zhang---张无忌;To ask sky---向问天;Let me touch touch--- ...
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Shares good luck to^
2012-2-22 22:26
Well, i have to say that there is not enough lessons this term, and the english has become the past. Preparing for my further english, i still have much to do! even we have already passed CET4, but we still have to learn the listening class taught by Sandy.I like english a ...
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Shares hhehe
2011-12-30 20:20
This term comes to end finally, i only want to say that it's quite tired. I know that collge is more busy than high school, as long as you set a goal for yourself. Now as sandy just told me today :"happy holiday!!".The final exam lasts for a week,we all have to review everyday to very late.time goe ...
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Shares Asking for all your help
2011-10-29 23:47
I reallyhave some problems in collge. i hope someonecan give me some suggestions. I feel thereare not so much activities to join in ,and i think those activities dosen't mean really one's ablities. I know that the four years in western universities are the reallystudy ...
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Shares my problem
2011-10-21 21:15
Now i'm so confused about whether to take a postgraduate entrance examsor not. after collge entrance exam, i was so sad that i decided to pass the postgraduate entrance exams to go to famous universities in china. but now my parents want me to take a job just after graduate, but i think i am ...
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