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New Job 2019-12-10
The last visit was a year ago. During this time, a lot of stories happened to me. I stopped being a doctor,now I‘m  a medical adminis ...
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On the Stork Towe 2018-08-04
Behind the faraway mountains the bright sun drops, into the distant seas the Yellow river flows; to please your eyes with grander views? up a f ...
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Spring Festival 2018-03-05
Four years passed, and I went back to the DioEnglish Home today. It is also the end of the Spring Festival. In China, 2018 is the year of the ...
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The Spring Festival is over 2014-02-06
Today is the last day of the lunar New Year holiday, will go to work tomorrow, relaxation day is over.Vacation is really boring, every day to s ...
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A few hours ago, I drank a cup of strong coffee for reading, its effect was obvious,I didnt sleepy.Now it was already late at night,I had reading the ...
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snowflying 2013-5-5 13:29
Geoff: you have not come here for a long time.
yeah, so now I come,hehe.
snowflying 2012-12-29 14:21
Geoff: You haven't write articles
yeah,heihei...and you too.happy new year to your lovely son.
snowflying 2012-10-3 14:16
Geoff: Happy Mid-Autumn Day
tks more,my friend. the same to your family,eapecialy your lovely little son
snowflying 2012-6-28 20:40
Geoff: I have not come here,my friend,how are you recently.
thanks more for your care. i'm fine. wish allof yours goes well, Geoff.
Jimmy621209 2012-6-28 00:58
Geoff: hi,Nice to meet you.
Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!
snowflying 2012-4-10 21:10
you changed your avatar again?
snowflying 2012-1-29 20:03
Geoff: Happy new year!
i guess you must had a ncie festival. good for your family.
admin 2011-11-8 19:25
Geoff: hi,my friend,nice to meet you!
snowflying 2011-11-7 21:23
hi, my friend, long time no see your new blog, study is busy?
O'Bright 2011-10-15 18:23
Geoff: Chengdu, a good place, I went once last year. Good to eat hot pot, but to me the deepest impression or Long Chao Shou, so good, I'm a miss.
Actually, I am not very familiar with it, just being here, from now on, I have not eaten Long Chaoshou yet. you said that, maybe it's a nice try. hehe~~
异物 2011-10-14 13:41
Geoff: Take a look at your space
异物 2011-10-14 13:41
Geoff: I would like to know how to upload videos.
you can upload them to Youku, tudou etc. and link them here.
Jasmine-0913 2011-10-11 15:30
Geoff: I want to go to two places, one is the snow-covered plateau to Lhasa, while the other is Hulunbeier prairie. But so far, I have not been to. Hulunbeie
These 2 places are also my dream~ha. yeah, l feel a little far, too~~
snowflying 2011-9-29 16:55
Geoff: Sorry,I don't clearly the expression. I don't kown how to express.Are you an English teacher?
no, i'm not a teacher,i work in a bank in change of hr.
snowflying 2011-9-29 07:44
Geoff: how call you?
my friend, what matters you meet? only a english teacher's question?  i think you may answer him,and ask clearly about your puzzle. call me? what's meaning? you raised a puzzle to me,haha,my friend.
glambert 2011-9-26 10:32
Geoff: What a beautiful!,Nice to meet you.
thank you for saying that, i'm flattered~
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