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Maybe I should say something as a new start, BUT I would rather like keeping silence.
2017-1-28 06:24 Reply|
Thanks for spending days safe and sound. Amen.
2016-1-31 17:21 Reply|
The wind is a little bit strong, I drink them too much that, I am not hungry at all.
2015-10-28 16:38 Reply|
It is a long time that I haven't enjoyed the feeling of having a walk in rain. Now , I got it.
2015-8-30 18:53 Reply|
I have never found that cloudy weather can  have charming, too.
2015-8-19 10:05 Reply|
If you know who I was, maybe you would forgive who I am.
2015-6-30 14:18 Reply|
I will never give up my dream, even though my life is toally sucked up by life.
2015-6-5 09:00 Reply|
A cup of tea, a traditional folk song, and a joyness singing of birds,  I totally melt into this symphony
2015-5-27 09:16 Reply|
Trees seem more green than before, the air is warm,  my mood stay high.
2015-3-18 15:18 Reply|
Happy new year to all friends here in Dioenglish.
2015-2-22 18:15 Reply|
When the light on ,when the street is empty due to many people go back home for new year, I feel so ease. Listened to the wind singing, saw the background of the mountains, I am relax now.
2015-2-8 19:53 Reply|
The wind swip the leaves away, only can see them scatter here and there. Just like the life, we will swip away by the old man of Time one day. If we wanna leave something, we must worth it.
2014-11-30 11:36 Reply|
Salute to the ever past youth, and keep the best memory in mind.
2014-11-17 10:33 Reply|
The wind in Autumn wanna take all leaves in vein for few green leaves refuse that.
2013-11-14 14:26 Reply|
Some time it will be, and some time it really will be. I don't care what people will say, I do care I don't understand what I will do.
2013-9-2 13:09 Reply|
Birds are singing among the mountain areas. From the top of them , I can get of bird view of this city. Sometimes, slow down the pace of life maybe a good decision.
2013-8-28 13:48 Reply|
Days pass by so smoothly, but have I make good use of it now?
2013-8-27 11:11 Reply|
  Stay there, stare at the stars, where will be ?or will be?
2013-8-21 19:24 Reply|
It rains, and the air among hill aera is so fresh, I like this kind of feeling so much.
2013-6-7 17:02 Reply|
Smally Billy, easily noisy, wanna mama,  but cannot tricky.
2013-6-6 12:51 Reply|

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