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Would She Reply

1160 views. 2012-8-19 22:00 |Individual Classification:chatters|

I saw her wandering outside the window, with a smile...peaceful but vigorouse...A bit controdictory, isn’t it?


Two of my colleagues whispered over the connor, wondering if she was someone’s girlfriend or... But neither of them had a certain answer, as they’d never seen her before. So they reached out to me... I shaked my head and they got very disppointed... Men’s curiosity, huh!


Minutes later, the door was open and I was required to a conversation...with her... If not exaggerating, I could smell the jealousy when I stepped out the door... I didn’t know her either, though I might be familiar with that kind of smile, like someone I used to know... She mentioned a name at first and then carried on...It was a seriouse topic, not a life or death seriouse, but straight business. But the way she talked, described and expressed her opinions, just made you smiling out... If I wasn’t a female, I’d asked her out for a cup of coffee right away...


Few days later, I asked the person, whose name was brought out in the above conversation, what was her first name...


Several days later, I asked what was her full name...


Weeks later, I texted her a message, answering the question she requested at the very first time,which I could give her then but I didn’t...She didn’t reply...


I was lost... Out of boredom, I asked my friend in what condition would you hand out an answer weeks later than you could at the first time...Seconds of silence, she threw me a glimpse and continued to ignore me...


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Reply cabin 2012-8-19 23:28
i'm curious how does the way she talked.
and for you quesiton, i think you want to keep in touch with her, so you didn't answer her question at the first time, but unfortunately, you are lost!
Reply ben. 2012-8-20 15:40
i don 't know how to say it .+_+*
Reply possible 2012-8-20 22:02
what are you talking about??
Reply samscri 2012-8-23 13:08
cabin: i'm curious how does the way she talked.
and for you quesiton, i think you want to keep in touch with her, so you didn't answer her question at the fi
Hehehe...Maybe I do, just wanna get to know her...
Reply samscri 2012-8-23 13:09
ben.: i don 't know how to say it .+_+*
hehehehe...3ks for commenting...
Reply samscri 2012-8-23 13:09
possible: what are you talking about??
To tell the truth, I have no idea...
Reply ben. 2012-8-23 19:05
3ks FOR thanks ?
Reply Xrays 2012-8-27 02:54
a interesting story.
Reply samscri 2012-9-1 20:15
Xrays: a interesting story.
Hehehehe...I have a follow-up...

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