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okay. something to be countinued.....

460 views. 2017-10-29 14:42 |Individual Classification:ancedote

When i updated my facebook, i suddenly reminded of my blognet, ok, here. a place for calming my minds and ideas. let me do any words innovatively,once i insisted blogging here. since from 2009, to my last blog wrote in October , 2016,An golden recording era ended。

cuz this is a trend. people care more about money. life and fragemental infos involved in this great epoch

this year, i wrote nothing, cuz i spend much time on facebook, wechat, weibo, i even quit the QQ,which presented adorkable time is bygone

i gonna blog sth, cuz i found i waste much times on useless, pointless things i think only meaningful thing is i keep reading now and then, many books inspired me. i take action, such as do gym, do cook, do travel, make friends, and try to change my personality

after eight years, i need to thank to dioenglish, he make my blog have been read widely. and we could exchange ours perspectives, and ideas,and this afternoon, when i found the blognet, recalling my memory,my best time, worse time, growth, and experiences,all of this,i still read, this web is not shutdown,good enough,cuz we finally have an iden yard to keep mind fresh up, and follow this era by nice language.

and i deleted many pics, blogs, videos before, cuz i thought i was kinda silly person as silly as all of men when you try to check old blogs and tweets. childish, fooled, ignorant, and no-brainer like.

now, as i read what i wrote here, this is piece of my old day history,teardrop...

thanks to dioenglish which helped me storytelling. also storing my precious happy moments.

the meaning of dioenglish to me is to make me growup

dedicated to web organizers and users.

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