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No sooner had I sat down to eat than I found myself surrounded by a dozen of pigeons. Regretting having brought only 1 bread when I found them fading away.They aren’t hungry for lack of park patrons
2021-1-12 16:08 Reply|
The Ci Hai(A Collection of Words)in my bookcase is something of a symbol.I was jealous to see  roommate Zhang bought one one day in 1980.Years later I also got a copy for free,though not so useful
2021-1-11 16:56 Reply|
Snack bars in the park are gloomy at this time of year except one full of life with 5 special guests coming up. The owner feeds the wandering cats with something when she opens her shop in the morning ...
2021-1-10 12:04 Reply|
“Doctors know more than me?”A man of 85 said to a woman on the bus,“Young doctors cure diseases they themselves never suffer.” Seeing is believing, I know what he meant on theory & practice. ...
2021-1-9 17:47 Reply|
Buy baozi at Dingshan mobile food car. “Which baozi sells well?”“Meat one.”Last time breakfast at Liu Changxing,I asked which noodles popular.“Beef noodles.”True, they are the most expensive one ...
2021-1-8 09:16 Reply|
I strode into the noodle shop:“ I prefer your noodle for breakfast. It warms me up”Always appreciating my words the lady:“Some potherb mustard in it?”I refused the “gift of the Magi” with thank ...
2021-1-6 10:51 Reply|
It is years since I last take a taxi alone. I only know how to hail one on the spot by road side. Instead of going with trend, I’m out by bus, by bike & on foot, wallet in hand, hand phone at home. ...
2021-1-5 10:44 Reply|
Things happening around can be big & small. I envy those who look with eyes wide open for big things with age though I focus only on what happens outside windows, in courtyards or back alleys.
2021-1-4 14:10 Reply|
“Want sauce?”His sauce brush in hand. I like to eat Jianbing & Youbing ( pancakes) without jam,cream,sauce,parsley or other addictives. Now I find they’re money.“Yes, a little bit more” I said ...
2021-1-3 13:03 Reply|
Daughter is coming.I turn on air-con,batteries in controller.In office I turned it on all the time with temp to the highest.At home I’m thrifty.Her mom takes out from fridge the crabs bought yesterd ...
2021-1-1 09:02 Reply|
1973 ox year I began to study English.1994 we 2nd term 5-grade pupils began learning English,I got 100 points ever since.Yet my music only 70.Later in college my English stagnant but music education… ...
2020-12-31 09:02 Reply|

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