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The story of hare-tortoise race is told & retold even today. To rehabilitate the hare,as I do to label him behind a car in a kid's sticker book,you simply let him shown chasing after a car. ...
The day before yesterday 08:40 Reply|
Seeing promotion leaflets on outdoor benches reminds me of a day before when some old ladies passing by the newly opened community grocery shop in company, each with a leaflet in hand.
3 days ago Reply|
Seeing me barefoot,grandson runs to bring for me my socks on bed.I don't credit him with doing me a favor.Like dolphins pushing drowning men out of surface,the motives're none other than fun/curiosity
5 days ago Reply|
The bus No78 came to a stop at 6:48 am, two minutes earlier than what is indicated at the stop.Not punctual though, it is in time.
7 days ago Reply|
Play for grandson what I videoed in parks both at home & abroad surprises me to find that a long line of Egyptian kids is escorted by only a male teacher.Here at home there must be 3-4 female teachers ...
2024-4-13 20:12 Reply|
Grandson throws the picture books to the floor for fun.I ask him to give them back for me. One by one he picks up with interests.Enthusiasm soon waning, he takes them back fr me & drops back to the fl ...
2024-4-11 12:55 Reply|
Reading  & listening to classic poems/ prose are different.To read,explanations/ paraphrases follow texts or are found on footnotes.To listen,readers easily get lost if not repeating the original line ...
2024-4-7 08:28 Reply|
Having had a small piece of corn in his bowl/plate for breakfast,grandson still relishs a few minutes later the corn grains I put a dozen in a mini plastic food box.Babies do. men do.
2024-4-2 09:56 Reply|
I'm puzzled by adults teaching infants simple plus & minus.When I show 15- month-old kid pictures,he always prefers images of plants,animals or utensils to abstract figures of triangle, square,circles ...
2024-3-30 09:23 Reply|
2 kid volunteers fr HK Catholic Marriage Advisory Council came up & put publicity labels on sleeves of kids & adults present.One asked: How much should I pay you?A boy: Up to you.$100 is ok
2024-3-27 19:29 Reply|
With time, grandson’s interests grow wider & more personal while me, in contrast, narrower & more impersonal with age. And that is perhaps where both the rub & gap between generations rest. ...
2024-3-20 06:19 Reply|
“What are you reading?”I asked a lady sitting by a line of waste bins.She showed me the book she was reading.“Robinson Crusoe!" "I keep it if a book is a good one"She keeps gold out from sands. ...
2024-3-10 11:15 Reply|
Chat w an age old barber by the rd. "Your job a source of information" "So I kill some time here,Bao-an has no customers; JianBing stall owner has many,but it's too quick for a one to chat." ...
2024-3-9 11:31 Reply|
Our housekeeping auntie has her own budget.Instead of paying by phone in other trading, she buys meat & veg in super mart by cash, ie.all items bought at a time within a 100-yuan-note in hand.
2024-3-6 08:05 Reply|
Out in the str, 14-mon-old grandson cries for cookies.With 1 in hand he cries for more till both hands have one.He eats one & cries for another one:a cookie in both hands is worth one in only one hand ...
2024-2-29 20:07 Reply|
Tradition can be all weather.Neighborhood breakfast stall owner came by green train-heavy snow in home town dislocate for days the expressway & express train service.Slow’s fast is never more evident ...
2024-2-26 07:49 Reply|
Few people in the str,not even dogs,on this (cold) day except cars & kids.”“Must be older kids,not babies.”“Yes,older kids with adults.”“To cram school or interest class”“That’s what I mean” ...
2024-2-24 13:08 Reply|
A good beginning is half way done, but to quite a few people, a good beginning is only half way done.
2024-2-20 10:16 Reply|
To 14-month-old boy,anything can be a toy.I often play cards with him: cards in & out of a bag;shuffle & deal;I call 1,2,3,4 while he accepts murmuring; toss cards over head...Who plays with who? ...
2024-2-19 21:24 Reply|
Marketing textbook knowledge doesn’t free me of mart tricks.After paying 29 yuan of food at the mart,the cashier pointed the drinks by the machine:“Oolong Tea? Only 1yuan”I was away with 2 bottles ...
2024-2-12 12:55 Reply|

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