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Checkpoint.“Not open yet?”Volunteer:“If you’ve pass”“I have,not this lane”“Let me see.Ha!‘Stay home’”Only now do I see what’s said on my pass. Secret trails are no longer useful eversince ...
8 hours ago Reply|
“Search on purpose, Surf without purpose”,a Baidu’s ad slogan, is true to me with the result that the efficiency of retrieval on it is,time & again,counter balanced by my absentmindedness by it ...
Yesterday  05:51 Reply|
Fishing for 5 days & net drying for 2 is time wasting,then fish for 5 days? Net no need drying & repairing? What about boat? Fishing isn’t fish only & proverb is proverb.We must be cautious with it ...
3 days ago Reply|
“We should be less intelligent,but organize better.”(An airport staff said to a passenger complaining of airport management, Roma-Fiumicino airport on boarding AZ1008 back to Hong Kong,Apr 30,1994 ...
4 days ago Reply|
Man is fragile with age & so are things with him. Hand-phone, camera,Mp3,laptop, eye glasses…all fragile once outdoors.Only the water bottle is an exception for I ’v exchanged it for a vacuum cup ...
5 days ago Reply|
Seeing a movie you learn the summary in advance to keep the suspense.Watching a game you try not to know the result in advance to keep the suspense,a difference to me in enjoyment between arts & sport ...
6 days ago Reply|
Tree planters are different. I plant trees with holes dug already just to put saplings in & then refill the soil.It’s reasonable,for I see farmers dig a hole with a few spades, me with half a hundred ...
7 days ago Reply|
Every time in & out of residence I’ve to show my pass to the volunteers though we too familiar & one of whom is even a neigbor & a distance colleague, simply because they said of me “a good comrade. ...
2020-3-20 09:52 Reply|
“Dare you get sick” (Over the years winter sees me with ailments such as flu,catching cold, nasopharyngitis, anxiety and the like except this year.)
2020-3-19 06:10 Reply|
I asked for 2 vegetable baozi:“Do you never recognize wrongly from dozen kinds of baozi?”Reply:“Never. I get used to recongnizing the marks.”“Hope you do so & mistake meat baozi for vegetable one ...
2020-3-18 09:56 Reply|
Scanning code to order saves time in eat-in perhaps. Not takeaway. I bought breakfast at a street baozi shop while a man was scanning to order outside KFC. I finished it before he collected his meal
2020-3-17 19:45 Reply|
Coincidence can be significent.Mother in tel: “No step outside since Jan.Sitting by the window if days are fine.” Did she sense anything special when she travelled outside city for 3 months before? ...
2020-3-16 06:59 Reply|
Street corner checkpoint lady:“Coming!”Fish peddlers hurriedly hid basins under a car. She warned:“Also your scale!”The city management truck drove past.“Left”she said. Everything back to normal ...
2020-3-15 11:39 Reply|
I walked in the street, no longer feeling lonely, 2 ladies passed by from the other side. Sniffing a scent of fragrance, I knew my face mask is a mere decoration. Thankfully the epidemic tide is over
2020-3-14 05:35 Reply|
Do in Rome follow the Romans. Here sliping thourgh “Ho Chi Minh Trail”I’ve follow anglers, morning excisers & dustwomen. “A trail uphill,but how about your bike?” “Left turn there’s a loophole ...
2020-3-13 06:28 Reply|
One of the lessons I’ve learnt from SARS & present epidemic is that virus itself cannot be conquered, it can only be controlled, marginalized and,above all,dance with us,friendly or friendless.
2020-3-7 18:20 Reply|
Whereever you feel uncomfortable, just hit it regularly - hit is one of the best healthcares. In the young you are hit by adults; in adulthood you are  hit in accidents; now old you hit yourself
2020-3-5 12:37 Reply|
Along the wasted duct uphill I was approached by 2 men.I knew the park not yet open.I:“You see it used to be drainage system…Here was the xx Mine built in 1950s …”I saw them away leaving me alone ...
2020-3-3 21:02 Reply|
I’m looking for & find excuses for my diet: Coffee helps live longer; sugar life saver;yolk good cholesterol;empty stomach no good for sleep…Doctor:3-hour deep sleep is ok,so I forget 8-hour-sleep. ...
2020-2-29 19:25 Reply|
“Nobody talks with you after 60”is a virtue. It avoids excited & bad habit of interrupting other’s words. Instead overhearing is also sources of information & inspiration. If not interested go away ...
2020-2-28 07:17 Reply|

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