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What day is today? I saw a lady approaching with a knife in hand, the cooking one. She checked it on both sides as she moved toward the gate. It is a day of community-service, 20th day of every month.
Yesterday  07:34 Reply|
Learning to be orderly I classify toys:vehicles,balls,blocks,books…are put together in separate containers“Shall we play football?”The boy is away & quickly back with balls fr where they belong to ...
The day before yesterday 05:09 Reply|
Youtiao (deepfried dough stick,2.5yuan) not healthy? You’re wrong.A meat steamed-bun at Babi is 2yuan;a bigger meat one at a well-known restaurant is 2.5yuan.Still,Youtiao is popular,if not popularer ...
3 days ago Reply|
Take the middle road.On the left is the sideroad for bikes & runners.The right is the trail by the river where people walking fast by.It is the lane in the middle for pedestrians with few pedestrians ...
4 days ago Reply|
I never write what I’ve written but take photos what I’ve taken.That proves my undoing.Today in2013 saw my photo of a man with a dog chatting with a lady w a baby.I never again take such good photos ...
5 days ago Reply|
The road was flooded with a sudden downpour. A man appeared who waded across to a sewer by the roadside. He squatted to pick up several tree leaves from its cover. Water was flowing down in torrents.
7 days ago Reply|
40 Yuan for a cup of coffee in JAKC mall early in the year cost me a haircut for 5 times,once chancing upon a serving-community activity.Too dear for a sip? We were lucky to find a table to sit.
2024-7-13 07:59 Reply|
Not far on entering Yuanmingyuan park, the boy asked her mother:“Anything in your bag that I can eat?”Mother:“Nothing, in the shop.”“Then buy something for me.”“We haven’t seen anything yet.” ...
2024-7-9 09:37 Reply|
There are several breakfast outlets and food stands in the neighborhood. But to some residents, there is only one or two, where they are fed for breakfast, dining-in or takeout, most of the time.
2024-7-1 07:30 Reply|
Visitors are no more than health inspectors. Daughter & son-in-law are expecting colleagues for lunch. Needless to say the rooms look this morning like when we move in not very long.
2024-6-29 10:32 Reply|
“Immune system weak, you’re prone to catch cold with weather changing. Then you’re well to days of flu,you catch cold again.”An old lady sighed to her pal under a roof from rain.
2024-6-28 11:49 Reply|
People in the community come and go,plastic bags in hand of grocery from market.Few people are seen morning with plastic bags of breakfast like me with Baozi,Jianbin,Youtiao and like.They order them.
2024-6-27 08:12 Reply|
Two cars parked at the entrance of a community garage, a gap just wide enough for a car to pass through.A man tried in vain to drive in jamming the way behind. All drivers are not professionals.
2024-6-23 08:50 Reply|
When a child is born,a photo is taken every day, then every few days, every month,every few months, every year, every few years until then…(How to grow old)
2024-6-20 07:31 Reply|
“What you see is soil,not coal.”Father told me when taking me to his open-pit mine for a visit where I saw a line of trucks roaring to & fro by.
2024-6-16 11:32 Reply|
Ever since the plants around the big rock outside the living area with its name carved on it were newly dressed up,the naughty kids are no longer seen climbing up & down on it for fun.
2024-6-15 10:28 Reply|
“What fruit is it?”I saw 2 students of 6B reaching for something up a tree.“Kind of a berry,”one said. “Eatable?” “You can before into the ICU,”she said carelessly.
2024-6-13 11:31 Reply|
We are quite used to be late for minutes or hours. Yet late for a day is more often than not costly. You don’t expect people to buy Zongzi and mugwort the day after the dragon boat festival, do you?
2024-6-10 09:29 Reply|
More & more children are now seen present outside the sites of the entrance examinations with their parents to support their brother/sister examinees.
2024-6-9 05:18 Reply|
I had for breakfast Youtiao with soymilk made home which is felt a bit thick.Similarly I feel the Jiaozi or wonton from restaurants lack fillings while those made at home have a bit too much fillings
2024-5-30 08:55 Reply|

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