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“Your dad & mom’s work-units have cars,they themselves can’t afford one.”Out from the townhouse zone, a grandmother answered her girl who perhaps saw many parents drive their kids to kindergarten. ...
3 days ago Reply|
What a heavy burden for pupils today! I’m thinking on seeing a girl with red scarf out of her residence with trolley bag in one hand & 3 bags in another.A closer look reveals 2 bags were trash.
4 days ago Reply|
An empty soft drink bottle in a one-meter-high decorative flower bed remains there for a long time till early in the morning when I put it on the ground by its side.It disappears in a few hours.
2023-11-23 09:57 Reply|
“Phone’s not with me.”Wife turned to say, trolley bag in hand. Ten steps away,she stopped and turned back again,for her husband reminded in time:“Your key with you?”
2023-11-19 11:35 Reply|
At gate of kindergarten after 8am.A grandfather:“Put on your mask!”Grandson:“I’ve no virus.”A boy:“I feel cold!”Grandpa:“See baby over there? He is not cold.”Boy:“Can he tell you he’s cold? ...
2023-11-17 10:42 Reply|
Community playground shone in the warm aftern sun.A woman complained to her pals of daily life inconveniences.“Go back home to farm.Who asks you to come in Shanghai?”A man beside broke in jokingly
2023-11-15 20:00 Reply|
Music first.10-month-old grandson hardly putting up with a 5-minutes series of animated film Les Barbapapa can focus 5 minutes attention of quietly seeing 2 vivacious N.Korean female vocal quartets.
2023-11-14 07:29 Reply|
Many preschool kids bike to kindergarten.A mother is seen walk along side her son to keep him safe from motorbikes & vehicles while a grandpa running after his boy in a bike with 2 supporting wheels ...
2023-11-8 10:26 Reply|
“Is it for me?”The man asked the delivery boy at doorstep,2 empty cardboard boxes in hand.“Leave it here.”Turning back from the wast disposal site,he picked the cardboard box up,a new one.
2023-11-4 06:23 Reply|
Music as sleeping pill to me is not soft & soothing ones.Instead of lullabies I play rhythmic tunes,disco,African drums(monotonous & volume reduced)which quickly let grandson calm down & doze off ...
2023-11-3 09:31 Reply|
You’re forgetful when you remember you have read the book in hand or been to an area just back.You’re old when you have no impression of the book in hand you’ve read or a place you’ve been before. ...
2023-10-28 20:25 Reply|
For elder babysitters, they say they are having a hard time.Their wechat friends,however,believe they are having a good time - How happy it is to have a family party!
2023-10-26 10:48 Reply|
Last month I pick up a toy battery-driven train in the street.9-month grandson plays it repeatedly till his mom buys him a new one exactly the same.His enthusiasm wanes & he’s not keen on ever since. ...
2023-10-16 17:23 Reply|
Result may have nothing to do with conditions.Soccer stars play barefoot in the young.Now everything ready one may not kick well.A calligrapher was so poor in the young that he used cotton as inkbrush
2023-10-12 11:52 Reply|
Wrong medicine is not necessarily the medicine is wrong.Last week doctor gave me Loratadine Tablets for rhinitis.I mistake“Once a day”for“One pill a day”A week has passed,the disease is progressin ...
2023-10-8 05:59 Reply|
Is it interesting? The answer determines her pal’s decision.Youngsters live in others’ judgement.That’s why the man is wise enough to comment on his taste of J Café:You a coffer lover,aren’t you? ...
2023-10-4 22:13 Reply|
Passing by the JM Temple at 7:50 am,I heard a brief greeting to a man by my side:“You are out early today.”He,a crutch in one hand & a soup basin in another,responded with a“Hmm.” Must be a pro. ...
2023-9-30 19:37 Reply|
Ms Xue’s Jianbing stall is run by her niece Ms Li. Ms Xue once told me she couldn’t stop working, or she’d be uncomfortable & ill. Now uncomfortable & ill for hardwork, she has to stop on the job. ...
2023-9-25 09:20 Reply|
I went to school with a school bag & daughter with a backpack.Pupils of today are equipped with a suitcase with wheels.This morn a father was seen sending her girl to school with a camping trolley. ...
2023-9-22 17:40 Reply|
(A mute witness)She sees it! The train is slowly moving on the railway bridge. She waves a hand across the window & across the bridge. In a second, the last compartment disappears into sight.
2023-9-20 18:47 Reply|

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