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Mobike & mobike is different. On riding a defective bike I often try to ride fast in an effort. Riding on a one in good condition I either ride too fast in a hurry or ride slowly at leisure.
5 days ago Reply|
Tea made by wife is my favorite. Coffee made by daughter is my favorite. Holidays and weekends are days when I can have both.
2019-4-7 10:15 Reply|
Kept pestered by mother about daughter over the phone, I advise her to take it easy: “There’s no pot however ugly that doesn’t find a cover.The problem is the pot is a little bit nice-looking.
2019-4-5 16:36 Reply|
A woman crossed both roads in red light, her coat with the words “Stop, give up”. Instead of stop and give way, she seems give up stopping altogether, or Stop? Give up!
  • wangjide01: That must be the reason why she is wearing the coat (4-2 18:35)
  • jpliu: maybe (4-5 16:38)
2019-3-28 21:48 Reply|
I dropped in a grocery with Ms Jiang. The shop owner in his 50s asked: “Your wife?” I: “My daughter” Pointing the young lady next to him I: “Your daughter?” “My wife” he said hugging her tight ...
2019-3-19 07:23 Reply|
It turned dark; raindrops fell on Giza Plateau which turned into a shower. We in suits hurriedly back into the car pulling up the window pane. The camel men slowly moved on as if nothing happened
2019-3-11 15:24 Reply|
Take a lady a picture, she,not content with one shot, would ask you to take another one or one more. Yet picky as she is,she never doubts my technique as long as she’s satisfied with her expression ...
2019-3-8 21:25 Reply|
Xuanwu Gate, now Xuanwuhu Park entrance and the city exit in the past, was empty with souls except 2 policemen while I was there. Festivals can see a tsunami of people pouring in & out.
2019-3-2 12:03 Reply|
Life is never perfect. To elders children of age not yet marry or married with no children is life imperfect. To children job found with no car or living in a flat with no ownership is life imperfect
2019-2-27 12:38 Reply|
Things of similar kinds gather together for order; man of similar interests gather together  for agreement; dog and dog gather together for war and peace.
2019-2-21 21:01 Reply|
Chatting with L,I:“I know a man fr what he reads” L: “I don’t read now” I know he jokes until I read this fr Tao Te-Ching:Learning results in daily increase;Seeking Tao results in daily decrease ...
2019-2-20 19:05 Reply|
Waiting room still crowded with people,very few are seen unexpectedly on station square & even one man one seat in bullet trains.It’s unrealistic to link Chunjie travel-rush to Great Migration now ...
2019-2-10 20:47 Reply|
Years ago at this time of year, business as usual in many shops & even rural market stalls in my neighborhood. Now they are closed. Basic needs of life met, festivals & holidays become more important ...
2019-2-3 19:54 Reply|
Chicago is cold,the world is warm.
2019-2-1 09:00 Reply|
l like shufa,I like photography, to keep abreast of time, I bypass the former to take the latter.
2019-1-26 09:31 Reply|
Breakfast at canteen. Admiring colored bowl in Z’s hand,I: “Nice bowl for begging!”Soon spinach brought out, eaters pounced on it. Z:“Why not get some?”I:“Begging to me is a once for all busines ...
2019-1-23 09:00 Reply|
Winter sun softly shines on the city wall. Young men & women sit or walk lazily phone on hand. Energetic are elders: a lady sings loudly accompanied by erhu; a man trots by coat wrapped to the waist ...
2019-1-20 19:56 Reply|
Three empty bowls are on the table. Daughter:” Mom is out to buy something for the lunch.” “Do you ever see birds back in nest with food shared with babies? That’s what human differs from animals. ...
2019-1-19 12:28 Reply|
Mom:“Remember last time we’d jiaozi before leaving Nanjing?”As expected following her reminder we lunched jiaozi at home before departure. On arrival we left railway station after a bowl of noodle ...
2019-1-14 12:38 Reply|
Dad is on the brink of life.“Can all these checkups help cure my father?” brother asked the doctor. The engine is breaking down, any need to argue if the handbrake or footbrake should to be applied? ...
  • wangjide01: Hope everything will be all right。 Best regards (1-10 10:27)
  • jpliu: thanks  a lot! (1-10 13:32)
2019-1-10 07:24 Reply|

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