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We met again on city wall in 5 years.I admired his health.He:“You know what’s biggest happiness for an old man?”Without hesitation I:“Good health.”Shaking his head he:“Not a burden to the family ...
2018-12-6 17:53 Reply|
Whereas it is a privilege to attend meetings, sometimes not to be present can be more a privilege.
2018-11-29 20:03 Reply|
Prof Wallace of   Glasgow Univ bought in China a purple-sand tea cup with which he drank coffee with ease.I was given during a visit to Italy a colored wineglass in which I poured tea.It was broken
2018-11-24 12:37 Reply|
Seek childhood, seek memory, seek tradition, seek fashion, go to snack stalls in street corners.(A word for photo “Rice Cake”)
2018-11-17 08:51 Reply|
Marathon is to see people, see them interact. A man is quarreling with police who asks him to tell his boss today is special, flood stops him on the other side of river bank, his boss would understand
2018-11-6 10:01 Reply|
Once outside, the babe was scared with grimaces made by “ghosts”. Her mom said she had no fear inside ghost house. Sure enough, the ghosts’re overwhelmed with man inside.It’s totally dark outside ...
2018-11-2 20:31 Reply|
Bus stop. Camera in hand,I:“Are you visitors or students?”Girls:“Visitors”“Where are you from?” “Hungary” “Budapest?” Chorus:“Yes!”“Nice city & country”Then things are easier: “Can I… ...
2018-11-1 19:56 Reply|
“Where’s…School?” “No idea” “Then what u look at?” “I’m fr Revenue Ministry St to Copy Paper Lane here & next to Tablet Pavilion Lane & Stone Granny Nunnery Lane” “Then I also take a photo ...
2018-10-28 15:45 Reply|
Bus stopped,a crowd of elders came up.“Listen, u change at Gulou Park,”one man said.Soon many of them were seen streaming down,when 2 women hurried back on: “What a follower,we don’t change there! ...
2018-10-25 13:54 Reply|
As a kid weekends saw me with grandparents to here & there seeing this & that.Now weekends see kids to classes.“100g like cookies & choc;500g like milk or washing powder, ”a mom to her pupil-daughte ...
2018-10-22 19:45 Reply|
Leave a mouthful of porridge and pastries at breakfast, the time for the lunch of the day is saved,on condition that the porridge and pastries could wait till lunch time.
2018-10-17 18:50 Reply|
Unless raining, I always park my bike on road side outside Office, its lock simply a decoration. Ever since a bike shed built outside my apartment I feel uneasy every time I forget to park it inside
2018-10-12 08:24 Reply|
Like farmers, who reap what you sow, sportsmen have almost no weekends & holidays – they celebrate national day by running round & round on  sports ground, sweats moistening the running track. ...
2018-10-5 09:38 Reply|
I often drop in Zhang’s Little Tianjin Tangbao chophouse for its shaomai dumpling carry-away.“Come up early or late I’ve to wait,”I sigh.“Get up early or late business’s brisk,”sighs lady owner ...
2018-10-3 16:40 Reply|
Business as usual? Not every breakfast stall. “I’m thinking if I come out tomorrow, eaters all away,”Ms Xue said while making me a pancake.My community,hustle & bustle daily,is quiet in golden week ...
2018-9-30 16:19 Reply|
Monks away with temple torn down? Real life not so simple.SOEs bust,workers still live there & will be there for generations.Days ago the bus stop relocated, now I see unaware people still wait there ...
2018-9-20 18:13 Reply|
Monks away with temple torn down? Real life not so simple.SOE bust,workers still live there & will be there for generations.Days ago the bus stop relocated, now I see unawared people still wait there ...
2018-9-20 18:07 Reply|
Following melodies I saw a man sitting on his parked motorbike playing harmonica. One piece after another till his wife came up with shoppings in hand. He stopped music, started engine & drove away ...
2018-9-16 22:19 Reply|
The world’s too small: News in every corner is in my eyes on seeing my handphone.The world’s too big:it’s only from WeChat brother sent fr Beijing that I learn many things happen in my surroundings ...
2018-9-15 13:27 Reply|
I suspect there’s a missing link in Lu Xun’s words “Our urgent needs are 1 to survive,2 find food & wear,3 to develop” until sister called from hospital.To develop we’ve first to tend old & young ...
  • wangjide01: That's the truth. We can't cross the regular (9-13 11:20)
2018-9-13 09:08 Reply|

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