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Moon Bay’s full of festivities  with free hot water & moon cakes cut in pieces to refresh tourists.I:“Nice! I have another one.”Then another one.“I can’t advertise or you’ll be out of stock soon ...
Yesterday  06:33 Reply|
Someone is either criticized or self-criticized as arrogance or conceited. If he is unable to correct his weakness, the words should be prefixed at least a“polite”in front of it.
The day before yesterday 06:07 Reply|
On reservoir bank.“Can you swim?” The teenage girl:“Yes!”“In swimming pool…Then you’re brave enough to jump in next summer.” Her mother:“She’s girl, better not inject her wild swimming ideas ...
3 days ago Reply|
“College student coming!”A college student in my time’s a pride.Now he’s one of them.When school mate Y bought a car in 1993,he’s one of the richest at the time.Can u boast of having a car now? ...
4 days ago Reply|
During the female long jump competition,Diamond League Doha 2020,a jumper clapped hands inviting applause before jumping.As there were no audience on the stand,her competitors present clapped for her ...
5 days ago Reply|
The final minutes in sports’re crucial & anxious.Likewise the more you’re close to destination the more you tend to be anxious & worried,eg when you close to bus stop or your train entering station. ...
6 days ago Reply|
I’m not good at taking landscape pictures. Landscapes are for seeing, not for taking, let alone for owning. Yet I like to appreciate landscape pictures taken or owned by photographers, for free.
7 days ago Reply|
One day one photo on the web for fun. Once over 200 posts,I consider deleting some of them: first those with less than 500 clicks, then those with striking  portraits whome are unknown to me.
2020-10-14 22:28 Reply|
Some people are either criticized or self-criticized as arrogance or conceited. If he or she among them is unable to correct them, they should be at least dubbed  a “polite” in front of them.
2020-10-13 10:09 Reply|
The sign“Swimming Forbidden”on reservoir side. 2 men in the river,1 was worried about man would be on duty to keep swimmers away,the other:“If so,swimming hardliners’d seen in the dead of night.” ...
2020-10-12 19:01 Reply|
In the carriage back home a masked attendant looked familiar.Finaly I asked if she’d served in my carriage on my way north.“Too many people,shouldn’t be her I think,”she stammered. Should be her ...
2020-10-11 07:41 Reply|
“First a big circle, then a small circle.”In the carriage on my way back south, I heard a Urumqi railway attentent ask her colleague how to spend the rest of the free afternoon in Shanghai
2020-10-10 10:59 Reply|
Zebra crossing not for zebra & traffic regulations not for Xinjiang cattle who simply have no sense of them at all.Though unable to walk on expressway,they are free to stand on guard on the checkpoint ...
2020-10-9 09:34 Reply|
The guide shouted:“Listen carefully! Next 3 gulfs,each photo stop 10 minutes.Crouching Dragon Gulf 10 min,then back on bus;Moon Gulf 10 min, Immortal Gulf 10 min,clear? Here we go!”The flag waving ...
2020-10-8 10:58 Reply|
“The sun is no good!”A man to his wife camera in hand.We rushed to a Bayinbruck hilltop to shoot the sunset, underneath a zigzagging river giving a reflection of 8 suns in certain time of the year
2020-10-8 09:15 Reply|
A passing couple asked me the reservoir’s depth.“30 meters.”I blurted out remembering what a local fruit farmer once told me. A horrific look on their face! Now I remember what he said is 15 meters ...
2020-9-21 14:14 Reply|
2 cats lied lazily in the sun. On seeing me,the vigilant one,alerted,slipped into the gate. Another was opposite: strectching & rolling over & over on the ground, ignorant of anything,man or mouse ...
2020-9-20 15:28 Reply|
Time flied with a talk on housing in the suburban bus among a young man & 3 local women.The man:“In Xinjiekou, 2 million Yuan can only afford a toilet,here over a 100m² flat perhaps with 2 toilets. ...
2020-9-19 21:32 Reply|
One thing’s common between a barber & a king. Both serve years of apprenticeship before fully independent. The barber opens his own shop with a hair trimmer;  the king his own country with a head one ...
2020-9-18 18:22 Reply|
At the time when my main food was rice, granny had to find ways to buy a bit of vegetables to go with rice.Now that my main food is veg, wife has to buy a bowl of rice from restaurant to go with veg
2020-9-16 13:00 Reply|

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