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SNICE too large a shortcut is worth money.With an exhibtor’s pass I don’t have to go by distant entrance.From 10Yuan to 10 for 2men to 2 for10 is a good bargain.Yet I find without it I can also pass ...
Yesterday  07:56 Reply|
Mother to son:“Want me to sign you for a class?”Kids today learn things from pros in class-their skills relying on being taught,a reason perhaps why soccer is performing less satisfactorily.
7 days ago Reply|
Two ladies chatted over badminton.“I dare not buy sea cucumber for fear of fakes.” “They say what you buy is real, but ones you have for free are all fake (poor quality).”
2023-5-24 16:20 Reply|
“Nothing wrong with you?”Daughter asks every time I feel uncomfortable.Knowledge is the antidotes to fear.I don’t mind my diseases.Having been affected earlier,I’m getting acquaintance with them ...
2023-5-23 17:53 Reply|
Do in Rome as Romans do.Like eating at stands with more eaters,now I follow locals to the Park by a Ho Chi-Minh Trail across a bridge instead of circling round to it by roads as I used to do by nav.
2023-5-22 04:06 Reply|
Bus stops in small towns named after landmarks,those in big cities with complex road systems like Shanghai are named after crossroads-Nanjing Rd/Fujian Rd,Beijing Rd/Huanghe Rd,etc. for easy access.
2023-5-19 18:47 Reply|
“How old is he?”The answer is technical:45 days old,100days in 10 days…Over time,we adults exchange age more in months-3 months old,14 months before formally saying“2 years old”“3 years & a half ...
2023-5-12 17:19 Reply|
Back from America,son-in-law who boasts of his away fr face-mask in years of pandemic now admits he’s mask-friendly to be away fr hay fever.So do I for the same purpose though I’ve been staying put ...
2023-5-11 21:06 Reply|
A goal in the 1st half is encouraging, to equalize in the 2nd is much morale boosting.I often cite it to comfort worrying parents.Who knows their slower boys can’t be a possible kaboom in years ahead ...
2023-5-10 18:35 Reply|
2 pupils to school each with a stool in hand:they’ll meet on playground.A boy & a girl to kindergarten earlier.Once inside they’re quickly ushered indoors-teachers yet to come for plays outside ...
2023-5-9 12:24 Reply|

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