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The coming daughter told her mom her wish for crabs. Her mom:“No idea if they’re nice at this time.If not, better to have sea crabs instead” Hours later wife seen back with 4 crabs for a test eat ...
The day before yesterday 18:01 Reply|
By the time I take out camera the boy’s finished with his baits for the fish in pond.Her sister complains of his quick hand.I give him what’s left of my biscuits to satisfy my snapshots & her feedin ...
2022-9-17 21:30 Reply|
Outside school 7:50am“Now hand over my bag”“What a say! Can’t you be politer?”A mother said handing her boy his bag.“Don’t keep walking to the side”A father to his son“Endless vehicles behind ...
2022-9-16 10:46 Reply|
Chewing mooncake like chewing Moon.I spent 2020 moon-festival at the MoonBay chewing mooncake chips & watched at night full moon from hotel window,nuts-mooncake in hand fr tour pal.Once in a lifetime. ...
2022-9-10 04:13 Reply|
Pandemic drowns many shops with survivors struggling to keep afloat.Now I can park my bike at gate of the food shop I frequent in commercial dist.I even see a dog on the 3rd fl terrace on top of it
2022-9-8 18:23 Reply|
Coke mixed with sprite is nothing special.Mixing soya milk with cereals or sesame paste with soya milk are new try.Yester I mixed coffee & milk with what’s left of a cup of sesame paste & soya milk ...
2022-8-31 12:42 Reply|
For safety the riverside trail is closed since June. Now the river recedes to winter level, it’s still blocked. They must fear,I believe, the water may suddenly overflow its bank with un-expectations ...
2022-7-17 15:25 Reply|
“The flyover demolished today?”One of them on site:“No idea.”Keep secret? The paper had reported it done in the heat of the night.He’s right.This morn I was there only to find it’s still there ...
2022-7-16 17:27 Reply|
Brunch with friends at hotel in the morning.  Naturally, medicines, unfavorable to me, are also taken twice today.
2022-7-14 19:23 Reply|
5 Japanese & Korean dolls daughter & her mom bought occupy my bookcase for years. Now her new bookcase is put up,I give them back to her.She ignores them saying:“See the faces, pale as whitewashed” ...
2022-7-13 19:42 Reply|
The shop I frequent sells six baozi with one free. I feel their tastes nicer than those of HSY shop near home.Until today.The promotion is over. Strangely they are not tasted nicer than those of HSY.
2022-7-12 07:31 Reply|
Sportsmen never rest on past glory. No matter how long or faraway he takes the lead all the way, camera immediately shifts from him to latecomers catching up and surpassing him at the finishing line.
2022-7-11 14:29 Reply|
“Better for the 2 Egyptian grandpa still stand on the top”(Putting her books back into the new bookcase just bought,daughter didn’t forget the 2 small stone statues of Pharaohs left on the floor) ...
2022-7-10 10:39 Reply|
“Snapshots all right, only it’s too dark.” “Highlight!  Every photo fan can do. ”
2022-7-7 10:56 Reply|
Seeing is believing;Writing is impressing.That’s what Shufa has any use today. For one thing I’d review what I’ve written again in future in condition of course they are impressive,ie. still there ...
2022-7-6 19:43 Reply|
April 2005 saw me trading in shares 600089 & 000157, both 6 Yuan plus. Today the former is up to over 29 Yuan; the latter stays put. Regret or not, I sold them both by the end of the month.
2022-7-4 19:45 Reply|
The opposite side of “Seeing is believing” is “Seeing sees nothing”. That’s dialectical. We often hear people say: “The place is so familiar that I can get there with eyes shut.”
2022-7-2 12:39 Reply|
“Risk zone is said to be close to where Ms Yang lives”I told daughter soon after my acid test again for the 1st time in 3 weeks.10 Minutes later she told me: “She has already been working at home” ...
2022-6-28 22:54 Reply|
Changes are great since 1949 or 1978 & afterwards. Changes,not great,are occurring every day:A shop today, a new one tomorrow, another new one… build,renovate,repair,upgrade, adjust…evermore new ...
2022-6-21 19:06 Reply|
Watching live-broadcast of China Super League match Guangzhou Town vs Henan. Audience absent, the shouts of on-site players & voice of commentator is accompanied by the songs of field crickets.
2022-6-15 21:07 Reply|

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