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She blames me for only buying her soy milk:“Next time 6 Yuan a cup with baozi.If not,7 Yuan.”I:“You’ve no idea of buy-one-get-one-free? Once a developer promises me for a free car if I buy a house ...
10 hours ago Reply|
6 men in dark suits walked in Poisson Restaur,Biel,smoking water-pipes newspapers in hand & quiet chats.Then they left,got on their black rovers parked outside the door & sped away–Beirut 17/9/2003 ...
3 days ago Reply|
3 men chat in water. One:“I know swim with strength,only I’ve no strength,out of breath with one stroke. “Boss’s up I’m below I do what you say”to me is “Boss’s up I’m below I do what I can. ...
5 days ago Reply|
With virus attack,some women’re more cautious than others.Two ladies out with bags of groceries from green mart, one said: “I’ve been wearing mask all the time since January,so I’m free from virus ...
7 days ago Reply|
It is not right to replace a pair of new shoes rubbing against feet with another new one. Right is it to get used to them till they are omfortable to wear.
2020-8-2 09:16 Reply|
The sad man whose chicken have been drowned in heavy flood regrets his poor decision. Next year sees ducks taking the place of his farm when the tide turns, a drought followed last for 3 years.
2020-8-1 14:43 Reply|
From expecting release from trap to buy low & sell high for a difference, to buy in big drop & sell with big gains, to buy/sell at daily limit now – Stock trading with trend as what I’m seeing it ...
2020-7-30 14:22 Reply|
Bird is not in harmony with man. Here in the outskirts villa, a pastoral symphony is played by birds,cicada, chickens,dogs & occasionally cats, with birds acting as the role of string instruments. ...
2020-7-28 07:55 Reply|
Go or stop? Traffic light’s out of order. Last time they were off,now red & green on.Of coarse go:Only 1 light on is binding.Yet traffic accidents’re rare if there’s any due to lights broken down ...
2020-7-25 13:19 Reply|
Central Gate separates downtown & uptown.30 years ago people go to work from home in the city to factories in the suburbs through the Gate now the other way round. Rivers cannot go up-stream, man can ...
2020-7-24 05:49 Reply|
I no longer blame Schwarzkopf Palette for it less effective. On the contrary I find it now an ideal hair dye in my age: after dyed, the hair looks between dyed & not dyed, an effect just I want.
2020-7-22 15:46 Reply|
Father eats cake at daughter’s birthday for the simple reason that when a man marries it is others who eat candies. This afternoon she got Starbucks cake & coffee delivered to me.
2020-7-21 19:59 Reply|
Flood gossip of the day,many call it the biggest ever while those living by the river disregard it as normal.A local man:“Every year river overflows, it’s wasteful to over beautify the banks.”
2020-7-19 16:37 Reply|
Kiel(Friedrich),not kill. Self-taught, melodic,low profile, he played Hummel,Spohr noticed him,“Need fear no comparation”with Brahms,Mendelssohn & like.A sunken ship salvaged he’s back. Kiel,kill ...
2020-7-16 17:03 Reply|
“It doesn’t matter if I make money; it matters if I lose money.”If having been active in bearish, I’m now passive in bullish.
2020-7-13 22:43 Reply|
A man in bike surpassed me turning back smiling at me: “Your camera is good, not your camera strap.”Cycling on I explained from behind: “I can afford a camera, not a camera strap.”
2020-7-7 09:58 Reply|
Yellow river from heaven:rainwater leaking into Ms Z’s home downstairs fr upper window. She:“Sealing’s to be done by way of your home”& said she’d contact me after  her back from a 29-day-tour ...
2020-7-5 20:13 Reply|
“Hot & humid,isn’t it?”We greeted each other.He appeared again:“Somemen lack self-conscious,they litter”A few steps further I heard him:“What a virus! Never ending virus!”I talked back no more ...
2020-7-3 16:30 Reply|
Historical lesson can be drawn in two ways - cause & effect based on facts & figures,or cause & effect based on strategy & ideas. For the former we hate the enemy; for the latter we learn from them ...
2020-7-1 20:19 Reply|
It began in half an hour. A woman in “Au Revoir”shirt took a self snapshot in front of the stage,facing the crowd on the square, 2 dogs slipping by.“You declare goodbye before the party begins?” ...
2020-6-29 14:34 Reply|

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