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Is examination harmful ?

Hot 2370 views. 2018-4-3 10:42

In China ,July is called dark July  because each year in July students have to take various exams. Many students dread them , worry about them,and stay up all night studying for them. However, I am not one of them. On the contrary, I love to take exams because they are very useful.

Examinations are still conducted everywhere, and to a great degree, they are useful. First, they force students to study all the courses well. Usually after examinations the top students are encouraged to go further ahead in their study, while the low achievers will have to study hared to catch up. Second , they offer students an opportunity to demonstrate how well they have learned. After different examinations the top students will see which course they have to work harder or in which course they have made greater progress.Thus they will know their strong points and shortcomings.And the teachers will also know their   students better and adjust their teaching materials and even teaching  methods. So examinations are beneficial and useful to both teachers and students.

As a student, I think , the proper attitude towards exams is that we should take advantage of their positive aspects . If we are fully prepared for the course to be examined,we can benefit a lot from these exams .



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Reply wangjide01 2018-4-4 18:57
Exam is necessary although it has so many shortcomings.  It always be a goal in a period and let us worked in a right direction.
Reply Tange 2018-4-8 21:37
exam is continue although you out of school ....

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