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Hold on

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Live a life of no regrets. That’s a mission impossible, but at least that’s the aim we all should give a try. It’ the 237th days that I joined Youshu, but Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry is the first book I put my hearts on and is determined to finish it.  So many days have been wasted, but it’s never be too late, isn’t it? I used to love reading and writing. I still remember many years ago, when I was a fresh colleague graduate, the first thing I would do after I got my paycheck was to visit foreign language bookstore. I would stare at those books I love with hungry eyes. It usually would take me a lot of time to choose just one from the many. Back at that time, an original book would cost me a fortune. But I just couldn’t give it up. Then the Kindle came and so with many E-books much cheaper and easier for me to access. However, I read less and less. I used to blog in English. I love the feelings of turning my thoughts into words. And the fact that it’s in English gives me some false security. I know it’s funny. But somehow I do feel that way. English is like wearing a disguise for my thoughts. But without knowing, writing fairly regularly has turned into sporadically and then it just stopped completely. I could bring up many excuses for that. Family, job, exercises, house chores, so many things to handle. Where’s the time for reading and writing? Besides, they can’t get me anywhere, isn’t it? I might not be bad at English writing. But it’s still impossible for me to be as good as a Native Speaker.  I focuses too much on the result, and I forget about the process---the sheer pleasure of reading and writing. This reading experience has brought them back both. It’s not easy, but this time I’ll try not to quit. 

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Reply sweetapple 2017-5-18 19:18
I'm inspired from your experience and words. I also encounter the same situation as you do. And I would have more thinking about how to persist.
Reply shirleyytt2010 2017-5-26 13:52
Dear, you set me a good example, never too late to learn, come on.

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