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Shares Good or bad, it's hard to say
2020-2-20 15:46
Apart from being his mother, friend and tutor, now I have one more role to play for my son: his classmate. I’ve been his classmates for two days in live streaming classes. We take lessons and do exercises together. Honestly it’s pretty new to me. To see my son from this poi ...
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Shares Online school
2020-2-18 16:09
Today my son’s school finally started---online of course. Just as many other parents in China, I also have my doubts about online education. For many kids, learning is still a burden, something they have to do instead of something that they really want to do. Therefore they need a learning a ...
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Shares On COVID-19
2020-2-16 10:32
When I think of COVID-19, I think of patients, and caged families, empty streets, lock down city and this very unforgettable Spring Festival. I envision pleading eyes staring into the sky on those sleepless nights, the first sound of ambulance breaking the silence, the smell o ...
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Shares Go to the hospital--Part 2
2020-2-14 16:14
Feeling like a failure, I trudged along in the hospital. Then a name came into my mind like a flash cutting through the darkness: Doctor Liu. She is the doctor from the special clinic, and she prescribes the regular drugs for us. I know it’s not her business when it comes to ...
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Shares Go to the hospital---1
2020-2-13 17:50
Surgical mask, check. Googles, check. Gloves, check. I’d never thought one day when I went to the way-too-familiar Huaxi hospital, I would feel like going to the bullet-flying battlefield. However, I have to go. I received a WeChat message from my doctor, asking me to fetc ...
Individual Classification: Daily Life|82 views|0 replies
Shares A great challenge
2020-2-9 18:07
I have to admit that helping my son with his homework is still a huge challenge for me. In fact, last night we had an emotional argument. We were yelling and crying, and we were weary in the way that only a mother and son whose relationship is intense can be weary. The reason why I was so irr ...
Individual Classification: Mummy's Whisper|75 views|0 replies
Shares Three tips when you are caged
2020-2-8 16:10
I’m a stay-at-home type all in all. And because of the cancer, I’ve been holed up at home for around half a year. So you could say that the current situation doesn’t bother me as much as it does to the others. After all being caged, threatened and trapped has already become an inseparable ...
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Shares What color of the world?
2020-2-6 11:17
What color of the world is? It can be as black as stinky gutter, where malice, greed and cruelties are fostered and poured all over. It can be as bright as beautiful rainbow, where empathy, compassion and kindness flares like the stars lighting up the sky. Or for many, right now it might be a ...
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Shares To be or not to be
2020-2-4 11:51
To go to the hospital or not to go, this is a question. In order to prevent us going, Huaxi hospital really shows the highest level of efficiency. Within only a few days, online clinic, from prescription, bookkeeping to drug delivery, is already open to all people in Chengdu. And most of the ...
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Shares Time flies and life is chaos (仿林书豪Ins 的Post)
2020-2-3 14:57
As I sit back and reflect, all I can say is this past year has been so crazy. My colleague passed away after a few months’ battling cancer in June. His last message on social media “I pray for all of you in heaven” still echoed in my mind, I was diagnosed with a terminal breast ...
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