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Shares Look for troubles.
2020-12-9 10:32
Reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Honestly, it never occurred to me that among all of these reading would become the most challenging item for me. I’m talking about IELTS exam here. I know it sounds a little bit crazy for me to give it a try at IELTS. Who am ...
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Shares Live in the moment
2020-11-19 18:07
The past is a ghost, insubstantial, unaffecting. No matter how hard you’ve tried to hold on to, it slips through your fingers like the water. It’s time to do the grown-up thing, let it go. After all only the present has weight. I finally accept the fact and start to ...
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Shares Inner drive is a bitch
2020-11-12 18:16
I am behind almost everything. I haven’t written for like decades; I missed a whole week’s EMF and I didn’t go any further either in Educated or The Thirteen tales. Today, I finally settled down for some reading. I could come up with a lot of reasons to explain th ...
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Shares False alarm
2020-11-5 09:58
Writing is always a powerful weapon for me. It helps me to let off the steam. It can mitigate the impacts of a lot, like anger, frustrations, and bitterness. However, I’m not sure this time if it could work well with this numbness. Good news and bad news. & ...
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Shares Trapped bird
2020-11-1 12:25
I t’s the first thorough check after I got surgery. So basically, I need to get my blood multiple tested, and my body, from head to toe, ultrasound and CT scanned. Of course, like always, it takes time and a lot of waiting. And like always, waiting is a bitch. The ...
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Shares Doctor Phobia
2020-10-30 09:20
I started to feel nervous several hours before I went to see my doctor. It’s not just about time to do my regular checks, but it is “meeting the doctor” itself pretty stressful for me. First, I didn’t make an appointment with my chemo doctor. There are two teams. ...
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Shares I am invincible
2020-10-26 10:28
I caught a cold, not a bad one. It started with a sore throat, then the fatigue, doubling and tripling within moments until I was completely drowning in it. So I spent almost a whole day lying in bed and it just got worse and worse. After the surgery, my left chest is ...
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Shares I don't know what to say
2020-10-16 10:44
I always feel a little bit exhausting in a conversation with those talkers, who go on and on without a pause to listen, and whose voices often overlap in their desperationto tell their stories. I always feel like I need a lie-down after talking with them. ...
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Shares Legend of Deification
2020-10-3 07:58
The stunt and scenes are truly mind-blowing and breath-taking, but that can’t compensate for the lame plot-line. That’s how I feel about the newly released movie’ Legend of Deification”. ( 姜子牙 ) The first part of the story focuses on a “trolley problem”: Is it ...
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Shares The lost time
2020-9-8 10:27
I haven’t written anything in the last six whole days, and I also got several days behind with EMF. When I stared into the past week, all I could conjure up was just a few fragments, all bits and pieces, nothing coherent, which is just horrified. My son has been at s ...
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