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Shares Murphy's law
2021-4-14 16:34
Murphy's law again turned out to be true. The last experience of buying my lifeline medicine has cast a shadow over my heart. I was worried that something else might go wrong this time. So I decide to buy it a week in advance, even there was something wrong, I still got time to make it right ...
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Shares Forced to be a trouble maker
2021-3-24 14:33
Yesterday I spent a whole day at hospital, from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm, finishing a mission impossible---to buy the medicine I need to curb my cancer. “How hard could it be?”” You are thinking too much.” “You complicate things, like always. “Before we go to the ho ...
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Shares Book review: Eat love and pray
2021-3-12 11:23
I do feel better, mentally and physically. My diarrhea is finally checked. So far, only one run to the bathroom, what a miracle! So it couldn’t be cancer. My husband suggests me to do more checkups to be sure. I don’t want that. No more hospitals, at least right now. Another thing to light ...
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Shares Double Kill
2021-3-11 12:30
Depression and Fear are going to track me down. I could hear their footsteps right behind—perhaps just one step away. Once they get to me, they will frisk me, empty my pockets of any joy I have, confiscate my identity; sap away all of my energies and leave me a broken sell. ...
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Shares Let me pray
2021-3-8 11:39
I finished my radiation therapy. It’s definitely one of those Dear Diary moments. I had gone through all of these: chemo, surgery, radiation. I still need to do regular checkups and take medicines, but the worst of it has already passed by and I survived. I would go ...
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Shares Radiation Part 1
2021-2-8 13:43
I got a reward for being the best writer in our group, even I haven’t written a single word for more than one month. It’s so tempting to quit, but, always a but, it’s time to go back to the game. I have an almost perfect excuse: my radiat ...
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Shares Look for troubles.
2020-12-9 10:32
Reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Honestly, it never occurred to me that among all of these reading would become the most challenging item for me. I’m talking about IELTS exam here. I know it sounds a little bit crazy for me to give it a try at IELTS. Who am ...
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Shares Live in the moment
2020-11-19 18:07
The past is a ghost, insubstantial, unaffecting. No matter how hard you’ve tried to hold on to, it slips through your fingers like the water. It’s time to do the grown-up thing, let it go. After all only the present has weight. I finally accept the fact and start to ...
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Shares Inner drive is a bitch
2020-11-12 18:16
I am behind almost everything. I haven’t written for like decades; I missed a whole week’s EMF and I didn’t go any further either in Educated or The Thirteen tales. Today, I finally settled down for some reading. I could come up with a lot of reasons to explain th ...
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Shares False alarm
2020-11-5 09:58
Writing is always a powerful weapon for me. It helps me to let off the steam. It can mitigate the impacts of a lot, like anger, frustrations, and bitterness. However, I’m not sure this time if it could work well with this numbness. Good news and bad news. & ...
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