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Self-pity will paralyze you, so will a victim of mentality.
2012-9-10 13:50 Reply|
I'm back! Good Luck....
2012-9-6 21:02 Reply|
I'm lost at words
2011-12-30 16:24 Reply|
K, take care and Bon Voyage!
2011-12-22 16:46 Reply|
a few days away from dioenglish and back to find so many junk ads. What a great disappointment! Hope admin could do something about it. Seriously i don't wish dioenglish follow up 4ewriting's shoes
2011-12-16 13:11 Reply|
Catch a red-eye flight last night. glad to back home. it's another hectic day. got to go, good luck!
2011-12-9 08:15 Reply|
Bye Beijing. Despite the terrible weather, this is a good trip.
2011-12-3 08:09 Reply|
My son was mischievous at the kindergarten. The teacher told him to behave himself. He answered smugly: “My mum is not at home. I don’t need to behave!” Hi, you little brat! Just Wait….
  • ivancui520: The kid so lovely! (12-1 09:30)
  • bluephoebe: lovely and also annoying, like every kid in the world (12-3 08:07)
  • lyrebird06: It seems that you give him more restrictions. (12-1 21:06)
  • bluephoebe: I'm afraid he might be a little spoiled by grandma. I'm glad that I could bring some sort of discipline into him. (12-3 08:08)
2011-11-30 23:37 Reply|
to live is to risk
2011-11-30 21:43 Reply|
Next stop: Beijing
  • rayshine: welcom to beijing, (11-28 21:35)
2011-11-28 16:29 Reply|
What a hectic day! Can i survive this?
  • taoy722: what happened? (11-1 09:01)
2011-11-1 06:31 Reply|
How many times I went to Chongqing? twenty, thirty? everytime i stayed at the same area and i can't believe i got lost---again!
  • 异物: Oh you are in town. (10-27 02:50)
  • bluephoebe: you mean your town? yes, and its a giant maze! (10-27 07:07)
  • 异物: For us tiny mice, I guess. Don't worry. We'll survive. (10-28 03:05)
2011-10-26 20:25 Reply|
i'm extremely happy today. A shop providing all kinds of audio book!the owner even found susan's books and moning's fever series. oh, my husband will not be happy, he hates me wearing MP3 all day[em:2
  • 异物: (10-27 03:02)
  • corapaopao: Can you share the website? I am also crazy about audio books (2-16 07:42)
  • bluephoebe: (2-16 08:22)
  • corapaopao: Thx (2-16 08:30)
2011-10-25 09:13 Reply|
Old memories sifted over him like steeltown soot. What "steeltown soot " means here?
  • lyrebird06: I think it is a kind of metaphor. Is it "钢厂飞溅的钢花" only for reference (10-19 20:58)
  • lyrebird06: 工厂的尘埃? (10-19 21:00)
  • bluephoebe: the first one makes more sense, though i don't see much resemblance. thanks (10-20 13:49)
  • lovingfun: I guess that :"旧时的记忆就像钢厂的尘埃样萦绕着他。' (10-20 18:17)
2011-10-19 13:17 Reply|
i'm back
  • EricWoo: welcom your back (10-15 16:23)
2011-10-9 15:26 Reply|
who knows better about puppy love than J.K? it's perhaps the third time I heard Harry Potter MP3, but i still can't help smiling when i heard Ron said:"Hermione, Neville's right, you are a girl&q
  • lucille02: British English is harder (9-4 14:25)
2011-8-29 14:04 Reply|
sunshine, fresh moring air, a brandnew day
2011-8-27 07:04 Reply|
2011-8-26 21:00 Reply|
finally my tooth stop hurting like hell. thank God, i didn't take a root-canal therapy. thank Dr. He, he saved one of my teeth!
  • 异物: Though unknowingly, He probably saved your ass, girl. Root-canal is a very dangerous precedure. It could give you cancer and heart attacks. Avoid it at all cost. (8-18 15:23)
  • bluephoebe: really?i had no idea! or is this just another joke of yours? (8-18 15:27)
  • 异物: No, I'm serious. Just Google it, keywords: root canal cancer, and see it for yourself. (8-19 09:37)
2011-8-10 10:34 Reply|
my teeth still hurt like hell, even my head started to ache. Oh, God~
  • bluemood77: God bless you. You may have caugth a cold and should better drink more water and have a good rest. Hope you be fine so. (8-5 17:10)
2011-8-5 14:54 Reply|

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