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How to choose a interest class for our children

193 views. 2019-7-12 16:38 |Individual Classification:life

    The summer vacation is coming.  Choose interest classes is a necessary work for most parents who have children between 4~12 year's old. My son have been attended in the classes of drawing, hand-writting, guitar, english, go in the past 3 years. And we may try some classes such as dancing, taekwondo, swimming and so on.  Is that necessary?  And what goal will we get?  Are the children like it.

      First, I think it's necessary for a children to learn more aspect of the world beauty and to have more friends. May be they can find their hobby or the career direction in them later lives.  For me, I didn't find I love drawing until I saw a drawing of my classmate in university.  So the classes may helpful for them to learn more besides school classes.

      Second, I don't think my children will be a musician or an artist in the future.  So, I won't push them practice too hard. Happiness is more important.  And the artist education can help them enjoying the beauty of the world, and have a happier life.

       Third, to teach them how to insist on something.  We will select 2~3 classes which they really like and keep practicing them for a long time. Maybe that will be their hobby.  We all know that to be a professor need longtime practicing and hard work,  we can't be professional in many areas.  Too much class isn't a good thing for children,  that may lead our children not processional in each areas and it will affect his later life.

       We always choose the classes follow the interest of my son.  And he is happy in the classed till now. I hope he can have a happy future.

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