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Shares master's college life
2009-7-9 10:25
In the past,I thought master's life maybe very wonder,fulfilling and much konwledge can be learned,especially some workexperience of the reality.The working experience is more important than theory konwledge when wearehunting jobs,but I feltloss.The realit ...
438 views|3 replies
Shares My love
2009-7-5 09:35
All of my friends said that I am a lucky and happiness girl due to my boyfriend,who is handsome,good temper,love me with his heart.We have been recognized each other for seven years until now,and we were in the same high school and the same college.It was a good time for us that we can see e ...
399 views|4 replies
Shares Old friends
2009-7-2 09:15
There's nothing to tell! 没什么好说的。 He's just some guy I work with! 他只是跟我一起工作而已。 Carol moved her stuff out today. 卡罗今天把她的东西搬走了。 Did I say that out loud? 我很大声地说了吗? She didn't know, how should I know? 她都不知道,我怎么会知道? I am feeling a lot of pain right no ...
443 views|1 replies
Shares improve my capability
2009-7-1 11:23
I just want to have much money,It is my only dream since I went to school.Maybe you'll say money can't represent everything.But we almoet can't do nothing without it,So,I'm trying harder and harder torealize my dream.In fact,I really know that working experience is more important than theroy ...
390 views|2 replies
Shares help me
2009-7-1 09:12
I'll very appreciate you if you can help me how to wirte English blog.Because I never wrote before.
417 views|6 replies

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