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how do you read your news?

444 views. 2017-2-27 14:00 |Individual Classification:life

     In the past decade, we usually read news by a traditional print newspaper that time when there was no internet and few telphone be seen. I also have remebered that days  i sold Enghish newspapers to students  when i went into the university the first years. because setting newspapers is very popular for students and is the best way to get news from it.
    As times go on ,they are going to disappered pretty soon,the same way as the dinosaurs. is true that print newspapers are feeling hte pinch these days -and that means not making eough money, the pic of newspapers are sold is getting  fewer and fewer one a day. apparently , instead of them are telphones, computers,pads,kindles and other kinds of electronic productions. everybody can`t be comfortalbe without them as a fish can`t live without water. so ,you can see people are seeing phone erveywhere, when eating, walking and when go to bed, when on the bus and on......... they get the informations from them  although the don`t know whether the message is fake or real.
    Is it more helpful for us than  a trational newspaper?let`s  us listen to TIM Luchurst,professor of Journalism at Kent university, to see what he thinks is important in jourmalism nowadays.  
  "  it dosn`t matter whether your local journalist produces news on a tablet, on a mobile phone,in print, online,on television, or on radio, what matters is that ther should be a diversity of jourmalism available,and that 
is should be provided by professional reporters whose job is to do an honest objective job, impartially,in the public interest,not simply to rant or experss opinions."
     so  i wouldn`t mind paying more for a newspaper if i knew the quality of jourmalism is good,and you can find stories that are more reliable than digital news.  besides, fragmented reading causes people not concentrating on something and learning knowledges deeply,but  a trational papers  can`t.

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