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Shares how do you read your news?
2017-2-27 14:00
In the past decade, we usually read news by a traditional print newspaper that time when there was no internet and few telphone be seen. I also have remebered that days i sold Enghish newspapers to students when i went into the university the first years. because s ...
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Shares everything is possible
2016-5-26 22:12
if you have a strong commitment to your goals and dreams,if you wake up every day with a passion to do your job,everything is possible.
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2016-1-2 17:24
So happy that the new year is coming,best wishes to everybody here!!! I have got much from my family and friends during 2015, so I will do my best to do something in 2016 1.give more thanks to anyone ar ...
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Shares haze weather is terrible
2015-12-30 11:50
Recently, haze weather has become a daily one right here in large part of China.People are forced to wear the mask to avoid breathing poisonous air.So it is necessary to find out the reason why leads to that and work out the resolution. If we trace the cause for haze weather ,the main points ...
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Shares Please help me
2015-8-1 14:39
who have good ways to get a good eloquence or improve our skills of comunication? Thanks for your advise.
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Shares how to choose for married woman--Housewife or office lady?
2015-7-17 23:01
how to choose for married woman--Housewife or office lady?
As the children`s educations is gotton more and more important, many women have enjoyed in being a housewife once they have babies, because they think there are gap of generations on educating for parants ,they usually choose to take care of their children by ...
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Shares New Challenge in foreign country
2014-5-8 22:07
It has been one month since I came to Astana city, foreign country. We encounter many difficulties, which are so hard to finish. We don’t know anybody and anyplace here, but we have to meet all and overcome them by ourselves. I am also very sad that I can`t communicate with other pe ...
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Shares snow is beautiful
2014-2-23 17:33
snow is beautiful
it will snow every year in the winter in my hometown. i like snowing very muchfrommemories of my childhood. snow, so white, crystal clear and beatuiful ...
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Shares happy new year
2014-1-23 21:16
happy to go home have a warm year.
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Shares the knowlege that relate to my work(三)
2013-7-15 10:59
(三)OWENERS` EQUITY 所有者权益类 3101 paid-up capital or stock 3103Investment returned 3111 Capital reserve 311101 capital or stock premium 311102 Receive non-cash donate reserve ...
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