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  • Summer Strategies
    teadrinking (4 days ago)

    As the hot summer arrives, it feels like living in a boiling pot, with sweat never waning under the relentless heat. To avoid the risk of sunstroke, e

  • Beneath the New Version
    teadrinking (7 days ago)

    The road ahead is not smooth, yet as I gaze at the distant horizon, I am amazed by the view that inspires my mind and strengthens my resolve. Despite

  • Just write randomly
    jakia_zou (2024-07-11)

        I found the website was deserted recently,there has few friends towrite blogs.Several years ago,this place was so crowed.Don't know whyb

  • July
    Sumingyu (2024-07-01)

    1Just among the flourishing weeds,I collected ripe black onion seeds.Although there was a light breeze,Face rolled down the sweat beads.

  • To Do or Not
    teadrinking (2024-06-29)

    The road to an ideal land is not easy. Sometimes, it remains just a dream or hope, yet it motivates those with a determined mind to keep moving forwar

  • Sweat and Steam
    teadrinking (2024-06-28)

    After a week of relentless downpours, the heavy rain has finally let up. However, this temporary break in the weather doesn’t signal an end to discom

  • Justice and Aggression: Lessons from a Neighborhood Dispute
    johnsonwu (2024-06-27)

    Imagine a small neighborhood where two families, historically at odds over property boundaries, find themselves embroiled in a bitter dispute. One fam

  • Invisible Chain-Hukou System
    johnsonwu (2024-06-26)

    The hukou system in China, with its origins dating back to the 1950s, has long been criticized for its profound social and economic consequences. Init

  • Unstoppable Water
    teadrinking (2024-06-26)

    As the rain persists, flooding appears unavoidable, and streams rage with intensity. There is no indication that the rain will cease anytime soon. The

  • Change or not-The Beijing License Plate Lottery System?
    johnsonwu (2024-06-25)

     The Beijing license plate lottery system has been implemented with the intention of managing the city's severe traffic congestion and air pollut

  • one day and more one day
    tomlu6 (2024-06-24)

    one day and more one day.i not stop study.i wait for a chance. that's for successful.

  • Wait and Realization
    teadrinking (2024-06-24)

    A single deed can spark incredible change. The actions we often overlook can one day lead to something extraordinary. In essence, there's no need to r

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