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Shares 2019.5.16 Diary at night
Sophia.JIANG 2019-5-17 00:43
The performance has just been finished today evening while there is still a huge amount of things remain to be done in the following days. It is 23:35 on 16th of May now, the moment that I've just completed with what I should have done today. I went for self study in the morning, had lunch and we ...
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Shares 16 May 2019
Sumingyu 2019-5-16 14:38
Luke marries Meggie just for obtaining the large sum of her yearly income. Once he reaches his aim, he takes her to Himmelhoch, leaving her penniless long behind as a servant in Anne ’ s household. After depositing all her money, he goes to different places cutting sugar canes. He wo ...
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Shares 15 May 2019
Sumingyu 2019-5-15 18:16
Cheating is rather commonplace, which finds its way in all aspects of life. The application of new and high technologies to cheating makes people hard guard against it. Almost everyone has ever been deceived. We should earn our living by honest labor rather than deceit. The swindlers can only ...
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Shares Bring a cloth bag
teadrinking 2019-5-14 22:03
It takes hundreds of years to degrade plastic molecues since this high-molecue compound is steady because of its chemical bond. Products of plastics are found everywhere and in many fields. They are used as shopping bags, packing materials. Besides, it used as parts and material from appliances an ...
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Shares 2019-05-14
bluephoebe 2019-5-14 16:22
There are quite a few big stories going on here and they have grabbed a lot of public attention. Here I’m just trying to write down how I feel about them. So, it’s just personal and I certainly don’t mean to pass judgements or cause any troubles. No.1 Trade War. Honestly, ...
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Shares 14 May 2019
Sumingyu 2019-5-14 14:08
Some properties have been put in requisition at the west end of our town. It has got round that our neighborhood will be laid under requisition too before long. Skeletons of greenhouses have been mushrooming recently in the yards of many of my neighbors, who in this way assume to be compensate ...
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Shares Do the native way
teadrinking 2019-5-13 21:38
It is not hard for us to say and write something simple. It means the possibility of mistake-making is not easy to occur in a brief talk and a short message. We more or less pay attention on pronunciation, spelling and grammar. Focus can be controllable. Problem appears as we use it in a long c ...
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Shares 13 May 2019
Sumingyu 2019-5-13 14:04
The good rain did come at daybreak as predicted. It is beneficial to the crops and vegetables at the first stage of their growth. Father Ralf has been madly in love with Miss Maggie. But he falsely persuades her to forget him and marry an ideal husband. Then he leaves so long and never ...
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Shares The sound of EF
Rosanna 2019-5-13 14:01
The sound of EF
There will have English speech of EF in national competition, right now starting for primary election in each training centres of Beijing. I am the English lover. I really envy somebody who can speak good English and so confident to show themselves in the public when they are speaking. ...
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Shares Don't let you young time feed a dog
BlueSeaLiang 2019-5-13 09:14
I think habits which a man have in twenties can have effect in all her life。
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