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Shares Accept the Ordinary Brilliance
teadrinking 2023-11-24 21:09
In the vast expanse of humanity, each individual possesses a unique blend of strengths and weaknesses, shaped by experiences and the environments we inhabit. It's easy to get caught up in comparing ourselves to others, dwelling on our perceived shortcomings and downplaying our inherent capabiliti ...
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Shares 23 November
Sumingyu 2023-11-23 11:53
This ground had been frozen hard. Shoes won't be covered with mud. And I changed for my bigger bike. When carrying goods I would like. 24 November Weather is now back to normal. Warmth is gone rather unusual. I'll return with load of firewood, As much as that old bike could. 25 November T ...
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Shares 20 November
Sumingyu 2023-11-20 10:52
Breadwinner gets mortally sick. This family needs aid of public After receiving the heavy blow. We may find love people show. 21 November It was a windy and warm night. Eaves were dripping in twilight. Icy road now is open and wide. On watery surface I again ride. 22 November Today I began ...
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Shares 2023-11-18
Dempsey 2023-11-18 15:04
Let yourself shine in the eyes of others, attracting the admirationand envyof even passers-by and strangers—many people regard this as goodnessto themselves. In my opinion, this is not true self-love, but more like a kind of “self-sickness”, because there aretotally not ...
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Shares Chill In Time
teadrinking 2023-11-16 22:39
In the hush of twilight, a chill in time, Night's embrace, a cadence, a shivering rhyme. Winter whispers, a tale in the breeze, Siberian winds, artisans of the freeze. Through vast kilometers, their journey unfolds, A formidable force, as the story is told. Turning all in th ...
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Shares 16 November
Sumingyu 2023-11-16 10:10
This drizzle turned into snow. And no wind seemed to blow. Now I have a long way to go. However no end would show. 17 November After early death of her husband, Parents-in-law aren't abandoned. She rejected any advice to leave For favor she might ever receive. 18 November I couldn’t conn ...
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Shares Wisdom Over Ignorance
teadrinking 2023-11-16 09:25
Ignorance often breeds unwarranted confidence, as the uninformed may proceed with boldness due to their lack of awareness. In stark contrast, individuals endowed with genuine knowledge and rich experiences refrain from hastily unsheathing their swords or revealing their fangs. Their wisdom impels ...
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Shares Hope and Persist for Victory
teadrinking 2023-11-15 13:19
Commencing upon a journey towards one's passion demands an unwavering commitment, a dedication so profound that it propels every ounce of energy into the chosen field. Success is not an overnight phenomenon; it is a meticulously crafted masterpiece, akin to the construction of Rome, where each exe ...
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Shares Coding Enigma Unveiled
teadrinking 2023-11-14 18:38
In the heart of his room, a sanctuary of intellectual potential, the boy's bookshelves stand as silent sentinels to his aspirations. A multitude of volumes, neatly aligned, creates an encyclopedia of knowledge waiting to be unraveled. The predominant theme, an ode to the realm of IT, boasts titles ...
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Shares 2023-11-14
Dempsey 2023-11-14 18:25
Much of the time, we insist on appearing more beautiful and excellent in the eyes of others and the public’s evaluation, so we train ourselves, build ourselves and package ourselves according to the public’s definition of “beauty” and “excellence”, striving to meet and comply with the set of ...
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