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Shares Worth for the existence
teadrinking 2023-3-17 19:52
Persistence is not a slogan but an action that we can execute it constantly. Sometimes we are inspired, encouraged, advocated, motivated and suggested to be brave, positive, aggressive and diligent as a warrior to fight against destiny. Somehow it is as correct as it said to be so, yet, what we nee ...
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Shares 17 March
Sumingyu 2023-3-17 12:30
Against wind I ride with effort;. My sweat moistens inner shirt. And before wind with big load, My bike moves lightly on road.
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Shares 16 March
Sumingyu 2023-3-16 12:04
Eldest sister will come today. And I hope she'd like to stay. So elder brother can be free. But wonder if she's to agree.
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Shares Perfection after rainbow
teadrinking 2023-3-15 22:08
The ongoing warmth cultivates the maturity of spring. As the best moment in a year, nothing else is willing to relinquish the chance of development. Amid the competition of blossom, flowers race on their own merits. Slight scent is all around, bringing the intoxication for the moment of admiration. ...
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Shares 15 March
Sumingyu 2023-3-15 11:15
Here arrives windy season. This annoys me very often. But it can melt land frozen. All living beings will waken.
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Shares 14 March
Sumingyu 2023-3-14 11:19
She gave me paper quite often. I might do something in return. I brought her vegetables today, And felt inward peace to repay.
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Shares Splendid season
teadrinking 2023-3-13 22:42
Now is much warmer and it could be even as hot as summer. And it is also the moment that people find it difficult choosing what to wear. Some are with their T-shirts, and some still put on coats, anyway, it follows suit as the fluctuation of temperatures. And the young, the old and the weak are tho ...
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Shares Spring is Here
Xtasy 2023-3-13 19:35
Spring has come. It is the first spring since we stepped out of the gloom of the pandemic. I read a short article about scientific reasons why Spring is the most delightful season, which are: (1) Spring temperatures are moderate. (2) There is more daylight. (3) Baby animals greet the world. (4 ...
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Shares 13 March
Sumingyu 2023-3-13 09:42
I rode this bike with new tyres. I've changed the two old pairs. They may be a little expensive. Desire long service they'll give.
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Shares 11 March
Sumingyu 2023-3-11 21:43
Against wind,I had to walk on foot. Before wind I rode on return route. Every day on that homeward road, I'd like to carry a permissible load.
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